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A human body is a SACRED SPACE

by Colette Coughlin

Damn Adam and Eve for getting us chased out the garden, making us have to wear clothes and recreate sacred spaces because we’d suddenly become shameful, profane creatures! But then where would we be without a multi-ka-trillion dollar fashion industry, internet  pornography, style magazines, beauty pageants, royalty, celebrity obsession, hairstyling and make-up? Probably in an even worse recession.

Some subjects are newsworthy just because they’re so touchy. Put eroticism and churches together and you’ve got a sure-sell. I followed this link to this funny little piece of news about a semi-nude photo shoot in a (gasp!) British church but what struck me the most about the article were the comments by a church representative: 

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A visual celebration of intimacy

A visual celebration of intimacy… that’s the definition of the new word I made up to describe my artwork when I was pissed off at being called a pornographer. Today’s post is part II of the issue brought up in that blog; it’s rather lovely resolution. Intimography: a visual celebration of intimacy. I even made some business cards for myself with intimographer under my name, but so far everybody who’s read it says: “whaaaat?” New visions take time to catch on I suppose. People thought Vincent Van Gogh was crazy too and look at all the beauty he left us.

The human body is beautiful. And love is the most beautiful thing I know. When human bodies are used to actively love each other, it’s an even more incredibly-beautiful thing. Because that is  how I’ve always wanted sex to be for me, that’s why  draw it this way. I draw loving images of sex to replace the images of pornography that turn me off. Unlike what one might expect from erotic artwork, I do not do these drawings to turn myself on, either (or anyone else for that matter, even if they may have that effect). It’s more like a process of making peace.

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