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So You Want to LOOK at SEX?

posted by Victoria's Sex Blog

Sex means so many things to so many different people. For some, it's just a game, for others, it's private and sacred. For some it's an obsession, for others, a duty. Unfortunately, for many, good sex is too often just an unfulfillable fantasy and even more often we heavy-duty thinkers come to prefer our fantasies to reality when we feel unable to act on the dreams. My wish has always been that sex be a very real, respectful celebration of intimacy between people who truly care about each other... which does not exclude wild fun! 

What would happen if we took the focus on sex out of our minds and brought it into our bodies, then what? Would it result in uncontrollable, unmitigated debauchery? That is too often the instant conclusion we come to in “modern” society. Sex is most often equated with corruption, like nudity – especially in children - is automatically connected to exploitation. News flash everyone! WE ARE ALL NAKED UNDER OUR CLOTHES!!! Every single one of us: priest, nurse, clown, prostitute or rocket scientist… so why do we continue to make nudity and sexuality such negatively-connotated “sins”? Because we only focus on the abuse, not the beauty. Of course there are lots of historical reasons, too, but in this media-driven society sex sells, and that’s pretty much the only way that nudity and sexuality are ever treated,  especially visually -  to sell. Something. Anything. Everything.

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A human body is a SACRED SPACE

by Colette Coughlin

Damn Adam and Eve for getting us chased out the garden, making us have to wear clothes and recreate sacred spaces because we’d suddenly become shameful, profane creatures! But then where would we be without a multi-ka-trillion dollar fashion industry, internet  pornography, style magazines, beauty pageants, royalty, celebrity obsession, hairstyling and make-up? Probably in an even worse recession.

Some subjects are newsworthy just because they’re so touchy. Put eroticism and churches together and you’ve got a sure-sell. I followed this link to this funny little piece of news about a semi-nude photo shoot in a (gasp!) British church but what struck me the most about the article were the comments by a church representative: 

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