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2010 US/Costa Rica: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Disability Rights Leadership Exchange Program

MIUSA is excited to offer a 16-day exchange program to Costa Rica with a focus on youth leadership and cultural perspectives on disability rights. Young adults with disabilities of diverse backgrounds from New York City, especially those who are first-time international travelers, are encouraged to apply.  

Download the Application - Deadline March 21, 2010

Download the Costa Rica Flyer Here!
Program Details
When: June 16 – July 1, 2010       

Where: San Jose, Costa Rica

Program Cost:   

Sliding scale $220 - $1,100, which includes all: round-trip international airfare from Newark International Airport (EWR) to San Jose, Costa Rica; one-day pre-departure orientation near EWR; accessible ground transportation, lodging, meals and activities in Costa Rica; disability related costs, including sign language interpreters, materials in alternative formats, and funding for personal assistants.  

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Adventures at Burning Man: The Dome

Entrance to Poly Paradise at Burning Man 2009. Photo by Eric Francis, nee Fidel.

I am back, after a hiatus that coincided with Mercury retrograde, the end of Jupiter retrograde and the Libra New Moon.

In this photo, we see the entrance to Poly Paradise, at 4:30 and Chaos.  It’s the night view, of course; every evening someone would bring out a box of glow sticks and, in that characteristically unsustainable way reminiscent of Burning Man, decorate the entrance portal to our camp with colored lights.

The path leading to the main entrance is really about three or four meters and the glow sticks were decorating a series of archways.  It was one of the most inviting camp entrances I had seen, leading to a friendly and adventurous place; a place where people would attempt to make pizza and roast turkeys in makeshift ovens, and it always worked. 

There was soda and beer and chocolate and a “get the camp drunk day,” and the mayor of the camp, who had an unusual aura of authority, was frequently seen walking around with a plate of cookies like the h’ors d’oeuvre waiter.  He was the boss, therefore everyone could have fun; the ultimate Long Island guy, who now lived in Texas and his charisma drew on a mix of both.  The feeling of the place was, there are no adults around to tell anyone what to do or not do. Burning Man is often the embodiment of true anarchy – a sense of personal responsibility coupled with actual freedom.

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