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My Husband is an Autogynephiliac

 On September 18. I got a comment over at my blog that rally touched me.

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GETAFE "transformista"

Here is a wonderful ad for a Spanish Futbol team, Getafe C.F.  The story is in Spanish with no subtitles, but none are really needed.  It shows a family, proud of their CD / Trans child, admiring, supporting and embracing as she prepares for her evening.  Afterward, we see them in another exchange, where they share their enthusiasm for the futbol team. 

The voiceover states (translated):

“My father is proud of me. I am (a) Getafe (fan).”

Given that Spain has a 'machismo' culture, the humane and loving inclusion of these images, broadcast over public TV - are heartwarming, encouraging and simply a joy to behold. 

(I still hate soccer, but you gotta love Spain!)

h/t to Singularly Bizarre


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