SmartAss Politics, I Have Them: Fathood

As I was writing about my politics as one piece, I noticed that it grew pretty big very quickly. I am breaking it down into parts, which will hopefully be less irritating, and allow me to explore each piece a little more coherently. I started writing about the politics of fathood a while ago, in response to someone being Wrong on the Internet. The timing of that incident has long past, but my views are still the same. So, come, and share them with me!

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Psychiatric Meds and Fat

(old post, just got indexed for first time..)

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My Body, My Needs and Societal Responsibilities: Responding to Fat Acceptance and HAES Critiques

Woah, holy sudden offline disappearance, Batman!

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Announcing! LOVED BODIES, BIG IDEAS Contest

Tired of talktalktalking about how toxic our culture is for girls and women, particularly in relation to their bodies?  Craving to take action?  Brimming with good ideas but suffering from a lack of support?  Then this is your moment.

The Women’s Therapy Centre Institute is thrilled to announce the LOVED BODIES, BIG IDEAS Contest.

We need your BIG IDEA in response to the following question:

What is one bold action that could make the world truly value

the diversity of women and girls’ bodies?

All of the BIG IDEAS will be considered by a team of expert judges and the three most thrilling and original ones will be chosen as winners. These winners will be invited to present their ideas in 10-minute presentations at the Endangered Species Summit in March of 2011 in New York City in front of a power-packed audience of media representatives, philanthropists, public intellectuals, activists, therapists, and more. It is our hope that the energy in the room will propel these ideas into real, bonafide action!

All travel and accommodations for the three BIG IDEAS winners will be covered by the Women’s Therapy Centre Institute.

Note: if you don’t win, your idea will not go to waste! All of the BIG IDEAS submitted will be included in our online idea gallery as a resource for body image advocates across the world.

To submit to the contest, please email a 500 word (maximum) BIG IDEA essay to Contest Manager, Shirley Kailas: shirley.kailas@gmail.com by December 1, 2010, 6:00 pm.  Please include your name, age, email, phone #, and any organizational affiliation you have on the top of the page.

A few examples of the kinds of BIG IDEAS we’re hoping for include: A nationally-recognized curriculum on body image, disordered eating and exercise, and the limits of the BMI measurement for medical schools, legislation on body toxic advertising during television targeted at children and teens, or a campaign to end diet commercials on a show primarily targeting women.

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Joy Nash's New Video on Fat & Self: Staircase Wit

I found Joy through Happy Bodies today.  Check out their blog, for sure.  I watched this video and think Joy is onto something here.  The first two-thirds of it are solid enough, with treatments of friends, families and strangers and the impact they have on our lives.  However, the last part of this video goes right to the heart of how we view ourselves and the impact we have on our future with the choices we make right now.

Check out her blog (now on our blogroll) and other site here:




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Seeking: Fat Rights Spokesperson

Rachel over at The-F-Word.org is looking for a media contact to help support and advocate for fat rights.  If this matters to you and you have the desire to participate, please contact her. -a

By Rachel

As the media contact for The Fat Rights Coalition and a personal blogger who writes on issues of eating disorders and body acceptance, I field lots of public relations requests from media outlets worldwide, from international luminaries like CNN and The New York Times to small town papers looking to make a local connection on a larger issue.  I’ve participated in some of these public debates in the past, but because I am a journalist myself, I have made the decision to limit my involvement to helping my fellow journalists out behind-the-scenes and referring them to other activists who will speak on the record. And that’s where you come in.  I’m making what I fondly call my Big Fat Rolodex so that I can easily and quickly refer future media requests to the right activist or field professional. 

While I am looking for professionals like social workers, doctors, researchers, professors, lawyers, health care workers, therapists/psychologists, nutritionists and fitness experts etc… I am also looking for anyone with personal experiences with eating disorders (who don’t mind sharing details of their disorder), weight-based discrimination and fat rights activism.  If the Fatosphere has taught us anything, it’s that the personal is indeed political.

If you’d like to be included as a potential media contact, please send the below information in an email to Rachel (at) the-f-word (dot) org with “Media Contact” as the subject.

  • Real name, first and last
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number (optional)
  • Region: state and country
  • Website address (if applicable)
  • Available for: Radio, TV, Print
  • Area(s) of interest: i.e. fat rights, eating disorders, health, nutrition and fitness, legal issues, fat studies
  • Relevant credentials: (certifications, degrees, affiliations, personal experience)

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Fat Studies Reader Book Signing & Reading

Friday, December 4, 2009
8:00pm - 11:00pm
Re/Dress NYC
109 Boerum Place
Brooklyn, NY

Published by NYU Press, The Fat Studies Reader is a milestone achievement, bringing together fifty-three diverse voices to explore a wide range of topics related to body weight. From the historical construction of fatness to public health policy, from job discrimination to social class disparities, from chick-lit to airline seats, this collection covers it all.

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It's Your Body, Enforce Your Own Boundaries


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    Fluvia stars in short film about size, self-love and beauty

    Plus-size Brazilian model, Fluvia Lacerda, stars in '16', a short film that challenges the stereotypes of beauty currently set by the film, fashion, and advertising industries. The film is a departure from the norm, as Lacerda is a size 16, rather than the usual size 2.

    "Today women think they must fit unachievable molds in order to feel beautiful and sexy", says Lacerda. "As a curvy woman I have always felt sexy under my skin and this film carries that very message, a message I hope will open people's minds with regard to how diverse beauty can be.

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