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You're Too Sexy For Your Job

Women face obstacles in the work place that prevent them from climbing the corporate ladder. Women make less than men for equal work, women of color make less than white women, dark haired women are shown to make less than those with a more fair complexion and blond hair, women who are thin will advance more frequently than those who are "overweight", and women that are considered to be closer to society's version of beautiful will be paid higher than those who are not.

All of this most already know, yet there is one more we can add to the grim list: women can be reprimanded or even fired for appearing to be "too provocative". You see, if she is too beautiful and too well-endowed, she could be seen as a distraction for male coworkers in (unintentionally) arousing their uncontrollable libido. Other women who wear the same clothing but aren't as "pretty", do not have the same affect upon men, the plaintiff in the case argue.  Of course, it makes no sense to blame women for the unprofessional considerations of her male co workers, but that is fruitless to point out.

This news is more proof that fighting for wage equality and gender non bias in the workplace are not enough. Beauty norms exist, duh, seeing them work against women in this way is a huge problem and frankly, its getting much worse.

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Major Corporation Loses Millions for Discriminating Against Female Employees

Those looking for recent evidence that the wage and treatment gap in the workplace still exist need look no further than this recent judgment in which a New York Judge awarded more than 200 million dollars in damages to upwards of 5000 women who worked for Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation. The company was found guilty of discriminating against women in offering less lucrative pay and benefit packages, not offering promotions because of gender and pregnancy.

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FAIL : Give your mom a MILF makeover for Mother's Day

The Willamette Week with this massive fail:

MILF-OVER: Bishops Barbershop is offering PDX moms their own awkward popularity contest this year: Moms are nominated through email or Facebook, and the one deemed most deserving of a makeover (by most commented picture) gets a haircut, makeup, acupuncture, style lessons and yoga classes. Email her photo to info@bishopsbs.com or tag her picture to the Bishops Barbershop Fan Page on Facebook with a note explaining why she should win. 

No, just no. I won't be sending a picture of my mother , or any other woman for that matter, in order that some miscellaneous barber shop can judge her looks and determine if she needs a  "make over" into the horrendous modern stereotype : a mother I would like to fuck, aka MILF . 

Seriously, this has to be the worst mother's day gift ever.  What would you write in the Mother's Day card?

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Dear Jim Carrey, Sexual Assault Jokes Are Not Okay


Jim Carrey: comedian, actor, philanthropist and huge jack ass.

On twitter this weekend, Jim Carrey went from skirting the line between funny and disrespectful (he made some interesting comments about Tiger Woods and whether his wife played a role in his infidelities ) to jumping over it then turning around and cutting it clean in half when he said,

"...then I was sexually assaulted by Ben Roethlisberger! I can't be certain but it sure looked like him! Good thing I'm a Steelers fan! ;^B"

Because sexual assault is so fucking funny. It is bad enough that Roethlisberger has gotten a pass from the sports world and much of the mainstream media, to make light of it is just adding insult to injury.

I understand that Carrey was intentionally posting inflammatory remarks as it is evident by previous tweets that Carrey received criticism for his twitter comments about Tiger Woods' wife. But I still think his comments to be very inappropriate, if not more so. Whether he is seriously thinking jokes about sexual assault are funny or intentionally posting these comments to inflame critics, it is still cruel and hurtful.

I guess Carrey feels safe making light of such serious situations. Would he think it funny or appropriate if someone maliciously and intentionally made a cruel remark about someone with a physical or mental disability such as autism? I highly doubt it.

So please Jim, just STFU .

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Feminism in the News

A collection of links and news stories that I feel worth noting.

The Guardian: Jewish sage alleged to control cult of at least 17 women

Police painted a disturbing picture of a man who commanded his household according to a "rulebook", laying down severe restrictions and financial penalties for the women in his life. Many of the women, who dressed in conservative Orthodox clothes, appeared deeply committed to him. Some bore tattoos of his name and face. His lawyer said he denied any wrongdoing and all his relationships were consensual.

HPV Vaccine for older women ? Could be.

WebMD asks if HPV is running rampant and blame college women along the way.

A $2 test for cervical cancer that could save thousands of lives.

Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin are into life. So nice they have the option, freedom and legal support to do what they want. Also.

More on Madame Secretary Clinton's role, diplomacy and the overall impact on women's rights. Good read.

The White House and Big Labor have apparently struck a deal on healthcare legislation. Women : read the fine print (#jussayin).

What is the role of women and men for our generation ?

Women to hold a summit to ensure they have full participation in Nigeria's upcoming elections.

Notes from a "Cracked Ceiling". Lessons learned about women in politics from the 2008 election.

Women v. Women: how the women in politics differ along party lines , how they are they same.

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Feminism in the News

Feministing.Com with "Today in Feminist History Feature": Nancy Pelosi elected first female Speaker of the House on this day in 2007.

Ellen Goodman: Letting Go, and Looking Ahead

At the risk of sounding like a politician one step ahead of the sheriff, I want to spend more time with my family and fulfill the fantasy of a summer on my porch in Maine. But of course writers write - even more than 750 words at a gulp - and former columnists can get involved in causes that require something more than a keyboard.

She has retired, and her final column with the

Boston Globe

was one of the more bitter sweet dissertations on Feminism written today.

Not News:

2 women raped at hotel.

A really weird article

on Women's Brains, finding that they view the term "sexy" different. I guess my question is: why is this a gendered issue? Don't we all define "sexy" ?

"REAL American men protect their women"...

a post

on Charlie Sheen's domestic violence case. Sighhhhhh.

We’ve had to change our entire language to appease Women’s Lib (“don’t you dare call her an ACTRESS, she is an ACTOR”) and yet when it comes to this, to actual brutality, the outrage can be quite selective.  But terrorism comes in many shapes and sizes.  As for me, hitting a woman, or threatening a woman – I call that terrorism.

Any man who does this is a sissy and a brute


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When Young Women Don't Vote For Women

A little long, but a worthy read

This is a clearly biased investigation into why young women, many first time voters, aren't voting for women representatives in American politics.  Light on solutions and heavy on anti-feminist themes, the Washington Post goes in depth; why aren’t our young women voting for women?

Clinton, the former first lady and one of the most famous women in the world, had spent all of 2007 as the overwhelming front-runner, leading in all the national polls and raising huge amounts of cash.  She looked like the inevitable nominee, and her effortless climb reinforced what young women thought they knew: Pretty much every battle of the sexes had already been waged and won.  Raised in a world where women made up more than half of all undergraduates on college campuses and half of the students in all law and medical schools, where discrimination was illegal, where nearly half the work force was female and their mothers had been free to work -- or not -- younger women were not drawn to Clinton by any sense of history, and they recoiled at being told they should be.  Feminism had long ago been declared dead, then rendered meaningless.

You hear that?!  Women only vote for women if they are feminists and feminism is DEAD!



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Feminism In the News



Microbiocide Fail to Protect Women from HIV: New reports now show that a vaginal gel intended to protect women from HIV infection is not substantially effective. Previous studies suggested that the gel could decrease HIV infection by 30%.

Pro 2000, a vaginal microbicide gel designed to reduce women's risk of HIV infection, showed "no evidence that it reduces the risk of HIV infection," according to the results of a series of clinical trials in Africa, Britain's Medical Research Council (MRC) said on Monday, Reuters reports. "The MRC trial, which took place between September 2005 and September 2009, involved 9,385 women and was carried out by the Microbicides Development Programme (MDP), a not-for-profit partnership of 16 African and European research institutions," the news service writes. "It found that the risk of HIV infection in women who were given PRO 2000 gel was not significantly different than in women supplied with a placebo gel." To date, no microbicide has been shown to reduce the risk of HIV infection (Kelland, 12/14).

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Feminism In the News

Court rules in favor of sexual equality in Korea.

A longstanding law designed to ban people from having sex under the pretense of marriage was declared unconstitutional on Thursday. The Constitutional Court ruled that the law goes against sexual equality and women's right to make their own decisions regarding sex. The ruling reflected changing social values, especially concerning sex.

In fact, the law has increasingly been considered outdated. It was enacted in 1953 to make it illegal for a person to have sexual intercourse on false promises of marriage. The criminal code has long been aimed at protecting women from being coaxed into sex with their male partners. But there have been growing concerns among both men and women that the law was the product of Korea's male-dominated Confucian culture, which denied women's right to self-determination regarding sexual activity.

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