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Feminism in the News

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks.  In order to bring it all to you, I have labored tenuously through the internets to find the most pertinent, compelling and interesting information regarding women and feminism.  Without further ado: links, stuff I missed.

From the BurntOrangeReport, a very stern warning: "hell hath no fury like a woman disenfranchised", a great letter to their congressmen on his Pro-Stupak, Anti-Woman vote.

If women and families are forced to have children that are unplanned and unwanted, then the government and society that imposes that burden on women and families must offset the burden with all of the necessary societal programs that are needed to sustain and enhance the child and the family.  If you take away choice, then you must replace it with social and economic programs to help the families be responsible, productive tax paying citizens.  When your fiscally responsible views collide with your anti-abortion stance you have to choose and fully support one or the other, which will it be?

I personally love the "you will be primaried mutherfucker if you don't make this right" part of the letter.  It is exactly what voters who despise the Stupak Amendment should be doing, calling for strong primary challengers.

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Earn Your Red Wings

I have one towel. It’s tattered but beautiful. It’s almost as heavy as a thick slab or rubber; but I need it to be that way. It wears a shade of orange so perfect that it magically exudes a comfort and sexual energy I cannot ignore. I lie it down on my bed. I take off my panties. I pull out my soiled tampon (or, ideally, menstrual cup) and toss it in a small trash can. Then, I go to bed.

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My Vulva, My Death Grip


That’s right.

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"If you talk, I'll kill you"

A very common trait of domestic violence is the threat by the abuser to inflict further physical harm in the event the victim talks about the abuse. This is part of the overall abuse cycle and is one of many reasons victims remain in abusive relationships, often times long after they have been physically assaulted.
Last week, Rihanna, who is a famous singer and was infamously beat up by her then boyfriend Chris Brown, spoke about the incident. She described the violence in detail and explained why she was photographed with her attacker after the abuse. She spoke candidly about her emotions and her feelings about her abuser. She revealed herself to be conflicted, insecure, devastated, strong and beautifully unashamed. All of which are normal reactions displayed by victims of domestic violence. To be brutalized by someone you so desperately love is very confusing and more damaging emotionally than many can imagine.
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Why I'm a Feminist Pervert

Being a Fetish Coach is fun by definition and… (un)surprisingly, fun by practice as well.  So far, with the few clients I have accumulated, it seems that these modern-day people feel as though

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CALL FOR PAPERS: Feminism and the transformation of Belonging

Beyond Citizenship: Feminism and the transformation of Belonging

An international and interdisciplinary conference
30th June - 2nd July 2010    
Birkbeck, University of London

The language of citizenship has, in recent years, been mobilized by feminists to articulate a wide range of claims and demands.  The notions of economic, political, social, cultural, sexual/ bodily, and intimate citizenship, for example, have all been developed and explored in terms of their normative potential and their actual realization. 

Confirmed Speakers:

Sara Ahmed
Davina Cooper
Krassimira Daskalova
Antke Engel
Katherine Gibson
Julie Graham
(a.k.a J.K. Gibson-Graham)
Rebecca Gomperts
Gail Lewis
Lynne Segal
Margrit Shildrick
Birte Siim
Gloria Wekker
Anna Yeatman

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What I Learned from Porno - The Italian

As you may know by now, I used to perform in a movies.

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Redefining Date-Rape

Ever since Roman Polanski’s arrest hit the proverbial presses, almost everyone has been talking about it. No... Actually, everyone has been talking about it.

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Q&A: "Women Will Benefit From Secularism"

Cam McGrath interviews Egyptian feminist author NAWAL EL-SAADAWI

CAIRO, Oct 23 (IPS) - Controversy stalks dissident writer Nawal El-Saadawi, whose views on women and religion have put her at odds with Egyptian conservatives.

Recently she returned to Cairo after nearly three years in exile, and has already created a stir with the launch of a local chapter of her global campaign for the separation of religion and state.

"God has no place in politics," El-Saadawi told IPS. "Religion is a powerful weapon to divide people. You are Christian and I am Muslim, and so we kill each other."

Clerics have described her secularism campaign as blasphemous and opponents are now seeking to have her imprisoned. It's nothing new for the outspoken 77-year-old civil activist, who has paid a price for outspokenness. Over the years she’s been removed from her post as a public health official, put in jail for criticising the regime, hounded by lawsuits, and marked for death by Islamists.

Yet she persists.

From her home in Cairo, El-Saadawi spoke to IPS about her efforts to counter the rising tide of religious fundamentalism and free women from all forms of oppression. Excerpts from the interview.

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