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Attention: Filthy Queer Exhibitionists (NZ Based)

I found a new blogger the other day via Twitter, Amie Wee.  She does many fun things around sex, body, self image and many things queer.  Her tag line is "Queer. Porny. Unicorny."  How can I not love that??  At the very least, check out her blog.

So, she's looking for people interested in making some fuck films in the New Zealand area.  If you're interested, reach out and touch someone...even if it's only yourself. ;-)

After much porn watching, lurking, admiring and jerking off, I’ve decided that it’s time I started work on my own porn project. I want to make a DVD and if you’re a filthy queer exhibitionist, I WANT YOU (in a ‘captured on celluloid’ kind of way).

I’m looking for: queer guys, girls, transboys & girls, girlfags, boydykes, homos, faggots, bbw’s, alt folk, ftm, mtf, gays, lesbos, bisexual, genderqueer, genderfuckers, anti-gender, etc. (Anyone who lives outside the hetero-societal normative square).

I want you to be a part of my project, in which we make some raw, beautiful, ugly, creative, real and goddamn horny art porn.

I’m also looking for anyone else who wants to be involved or who can help (ie. Finding talent, locations, costumes, etc).

You definitely need not have done this before and you will not be asked to do anything you aren’t comfortable with. You’ll work in a safe space with bare minimum crew (and myself as director) and be given the opportunity to explore your fantasies. It’s going to be insanely fun.

Need more info or want to be a part of the project? Contact me (amieweexxx AT gmail DOT com).

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New PSA - "What I Love About Being A Sex Worker"

This new short film / PSA is from RedLightDistrictChicago, directed by Serpent Libertine.  Flying in the face of stereotypes and slander, the film is a collection of sex workers stating in their own words about why they like their jobs.


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Call for Entries: Trans/Giving Film Festival

Call For Entries

Trans/Giving art collective invites all trans*, genderqueer, and intersex filmmakers to submit your films to our second annual Trans/Giving Film Festival.

The festival, organized by the Trans/Giving arts collective in Los Angeles will showcase short and feature length films with trans, genderqueer, and intersex directors, writers, actors, and producers.

The Trans/Giving Film Festival aims to provide filmmakers, artists, and audiences with spaces to share diverse experiences. Films do not need to be about gender, and can be in any genre including comedy, dramedy, drama, experimental, animation and more.

* we mean trans as in transgender, transsexual, transvestite, as in crossdressers, drag kings and queens, studs, and all those who identify as contributing members of gender fabulousness. *


Closing date for entries is June 21, 2010.

Our mailing address is:
3504 White House Place
Los Angeles, Ca 90004

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Review of intersex film "XXY" and lecture "X's & Y's" at SAIC

I recently attended two events at The School of the Art Institute, both focused on intersex persons.  The first evening was a film, followed by a lecture presentation the next night. 

  XXY (2007), Directed by Lucía Puenzo and starring Ines Ephron as Alex. 

This film is extremely powerful as a direct result of simply being honest and unflinching.  It is the story of adolescence, of family, of honesty and the differences in how people deal with bullying.

In summary, the film centers on Alex - a 15 year-old intersex child, who has identified as a female.  She and her family live on the Ecuadorian seashore.  Her father is a biologist, rescuing endangered and wounded sea creatures.  One of the principal themes of the film is the presence of so many life forms.  Throughout human history, shore dwellers have encountered new creatures both living and dead, where the land meets the deep unknown. 

Alex's mother, Suli invites a surgeon, Ramiro, his wife Erika and their son Alvaro for a visit.  Suli has not told her husband Kraken that Ramiro is here to observe Alex.  He specializes in genital alteration surgery on intersex children.  It seems as if the two women might be friends of some sort and they are accompanied by their teen son.  She is interested in turning Alex into the daughter she wants to have.  Alex has been taking hormones to suppress the development of male puberty body changes.  Alex has stopped taking them.

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2010 Sexy International Paris Film Festival

Paris is excited by the Sexy International Paris Film Festival!

The 2nd edition of the Sexy International Paris Film Festival (SIPFF) will roll out the pink carpet from 24 -27 June 2010 in Paris, France showcasing an international programme of films dedicated to desire, eroticism, sexuality and sex.

Four days of cultural festivities will commence with the opening night of «Pink Eiga» erotic films, premiering in Paris for the first time on the big screen. Complimenting this is a diverse and rich four day programme of films from all over the world as well as creative performances and expositions.

«Sexy» will brighten the darkened the cinema room of one of the most dynamic, independent cinemas - the Cinéma Le Grand Action, as well as a special «Best – of» and Gay | Lesbian Panorama celebration at the Yono Bar in the Marais, in the heart of the Parisian Gay District.

Art lovers and cinephiles will meet and take advantage of the diverse programme. There will be  more than 90 short and medium length films screened, including our international and francophone short film compeition where our jury of cinema professionals, headed by Marc Duret (Nikita, Le Grand Bleu, La Haine) will present awards to our best films on closing night. Prizes include Best International Short, Best Francophone Short, Jury Prize and Audience Prize.

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DESIGIRLS! - a film about being queer across cultures

What role does the South Asian LGBT community in New York City play in the life of A, who might never tell her family that she is a lesbian?  In contrast, what do Priyanka, who lives with her girlfriend and is able to be open about her sexuality, and Ashu, a DJ who runs Sholay productions, a social events group for queer South Asians, gain from being a part of this community?

Desigirls follows A and Priyanka as they negotiate their diverse and often fraught experiences as gay Indian women in New York.  While A is not comfortable with her sexuality, how is it that Priyanka, brought up in India, is?  The documentary explores what their varying experiences tell us about the role of minority community groups in a diverse and often fractured immigrant society.

Desigirls (part one)

Desigirls (part two)

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Call for Submissions: Trans Artist/Performers and Filmmakers

Attention all Trans Artist/Performers and FILMMAKERS!

Transgiving is looking for trans Film makers to submit their film work to be shown at the next Transgiving Film festival on August 28th 2010!

Their film festival last year was a huge success and had a packed theater, so they have decided to continue the Transgiving Film Festival. But they need your help!

They are currently looking for new films to be shown at the next film festival.  They are looking for all kinds of different films!

Are you interested?

CLICK HERE to go to the submission page!

While you are here, check out the video from last years film festival's Q & A panel:

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Intersex as Identity: Movie screening and lecture at School of the Art Institute of Chicago

SAIC is presenting two events this week dealing with gender identity, one film and one lecture.  I spoke briefly with Quiana Carter at the SAIC about these events.  The come about as an extension of the school's commitment to addressing the topic of gender per discussions with by students and faculty.  These events are open to all, as the school is looking to create an open dialogue in exploring gender and society.

Monday, April 12, 6 p.m.
SAIC Auditorium, 280 S. Columbus Dr.
Free Screening

Directed by Lucía Puenzo, this 91-minute feature tackles issues facing 15 year-old Alex (Inés Efron), who was born an intersex child. XXY (2007) was Argentina's official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 2008 Academy Awards. Sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs

Exs & Whys a presentation by Jen Pagonis
Tuesday, April 13, 6 p.m.
SAIC Auditorium, 280 S. Columbus Dr.

A recent graduate of DePaul University and a member of the The Intersex Collective Speakers Bureau, Jen Pagonis received her degree in Women's and Gender Studies and completed her thesis on the topic of intersexuality. Her thesis presentation included original research and interviews with intersex activists from the San Francisco bay and Chicago areas. She is currently working on creating a peer led intersex youth and parent group in the Chicago area. Her appearance follows the screening of XXY on April 12 (see Films and Screenings). Sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs

For more information, contact:

Quiana Burwell
Multicultural Affairs Assistant Director
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
36 S. Wabash Ave, Suite 1203 J2

Ph: 312.629-6868
Fax: 312.629.6801

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6th Annual 2010 Queer Women of Color Film Festival

June 11-13, 2010
Brava Theater, San Francisco

Festival Focus
Two-Spirits: Reclaiming Remembrance
Native American, Indigenous & First Nations Queer Women

The 6th annual QUEER WOMEN OF COLOR FILM FESTIVAL (QWOCFF) is a 3-day Film Festival, featuring 37 films in 4 screening programs, the majority of which are brand-new QWOCMAP films!

This year's Festival includes a focus on Native American, Indigenous, First Nations Queer Women and Two-Spirits; four Q&A sessions with filmmakers after the films; and a performance with Two-Spirit artists.
Please note that Festival Focus events are drug and alcohol free.

QWOCMAP Film Festival is eco-friendly - we recycle and compost for the duration of our three-day Queer Women of Color Film Festival. Please bring your REFILLABLE WATER BOTTLE with you to the Festival and help us be even more eco-friendly!


Admission is FREE to all film screenings.

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Serena's comment to Oregon Post's Review of Brent Leung's House of Numbers

Read review and comments to this brave documentary about the importance of dissidence in the production of scientific knowledge.

Brent's work is very important as it alerts an entire new generation to the scientific problems research on AIDS has not resolved yet, with the first voice admitting this the French scientist who discovered HIV back in the 1980s, Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier.  I am a university professor and educator and I have researched and written extensively about the AIDS controversies, analyzing the cultural/political context in which official AIDS science was produced, and the likely effects that this context had on the results.  Science happens in culture and is affected by it, it is not neutral or universal, never has been, if we think of how hard it was for Galileo to affirm something simple like the concept that the Earth moves back then when the powers that be had an investment in the opposite theory.  The problem with AIDS science is that people get upset about it because it affects them intimately, having to do with what they do, or think they can do, in bed.  What about separating the two problems?  Asking the government to mandate that scientists officially run again the laboratory experiments said to prove that HIV causes AIDS, and in the meanwhile continuing to use condoms when doing something that would otherwise result in the exchange of deep fluids when unknown risk factors are involved?  This is what I propose in my latest book, Gaia and the New Politics of Love (2009). 

I plan to organize a screening of Leung's documentary on my campus, so students learn more about the importance of maintaining the space open for free speech and knowledge that represents dissenting viewpoints.

With much respect and admiration for Leung's brave work. 
Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio, PhD
author of Gaia and the New Politics of Love: Notes for a Poly Planet (2009)
and of Eros: A Journey of Multiple Loves (2007)

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