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Evergreen Documentary Project receives French funding

By Ashok DEB

Sébastien Rist and Aude Leroux-Lévesque are two dedicated individuals  working on an educational documentary project on Bangladeshi Transexuals, namely the Hijra community ,who are worst affected by societal anti-pathy and Transphobia.  Sebastian and Aude have been staying in Dhaka for over an year now and runs three schools for the Hijra Communities.  In fact these two individuals could be perceived as the next generation Hijra experts on Bangladesh,who have gained considerable insight of this impoverished and highly margnalised community.

Recently they have released a demo version of their documentary where few glimpses of societal atrocities and rejection on  Bangladeshi Trans community were framed.  They have received assistance from a French production House for their project which was announced in this email below.

Hey people,

We’ve been waiting for the right moment to tell you, but we just recently signed a contract with a French production company.  This is great news because it means that we will be guided by a team of professionals who will be there to give us support and advice along the way.  We still have total creative control over the project and idea; the only difference is that the budget is slightly higher and the 52 minute Documentary has to be completed by the end of the year.

That said, after a few delays we can officially say that the shoot will begin Sunday.  We’ll try to post some production stills along the way. We’re really excited, Salma and Pinky are too!

Thanks to everyone  (Both in Canada and in Bangladesh) who have helped us get to where we are now,

Stayed tuned, there will be more to come,

Seb and Aude

You can read more about the film, see a preview and find out how to sponsor this film at this link.

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SUBMIT TO CINEKINK! (NYC: February 16–21, 2010)

Presented by CineKink, an organization dedicated to the recognition and encouragement of sex-positive and kink-friendly depictions in film and television, CineKink NYC is seeking films and videos, of any length and genre, that explore and celebrate the wide diversity of sexuality. We’re looking to blur some boundaries and will be considering offerings drawn from both Hollywood and beyond, with works ranging from documentary to drama, camp comedy to hot porn, mildly spicy to quite explicit — and everything in between.

Cutting across orientations, topics covered at CineKink have included — but are by no means limited to — BDSM, leather and fetish, swinging, non-monogamy and polyamory, roleplay and gender bending, sex work and sex geekery. Basically, as long as it involves consenting adults, just about anything celebrating sex as a right of self expression is fair game. (Far be it from us to define “kink” — if you think your work might make sense in this context, please send it along!)

Scheduled for its seventh annual appearance February 16-21, 2010, the specially-curated CineKink NYC will also feature a short film competition, audience choice awards, an adult industry showcase, presentations, parties and a gala kick-off, with a national screening tour to follow.

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Film Director Cast As Hijra: Aarekti Premer Golpo (Just Another Love Story)

By Reshmi Sengupta [The Telegraph]

Rituparno Ghosh on the explorations of the third sex through Chapal Bhaduri, Roop and... Rituparno

The camera is ready.  The stage is set. Kaushik Ganguly, the director of Arekti Premer Golpo, has sent a crew member to fetch his film’s “heroine”, Rituparno Ghosh, from the vanity van. “Just wait and watch. Rituda will walk in like Rekha!” Kaushik smiles.

Wearing a bun and a girlie fringe framing his face, Rituparno strolls into the sets of Aarekti Premer Golpo in soft, measured steps, with the poise and fragility of a shy woman being followed by a dozen male eyes. He is dressed as a young Chapal Bhaduri, the jatra artiste known for playing female roles. Hours before, he was parading the sets as Roop, the gay filmmaker and protagonist of Aarekti Premer Golpo, in jeans, kurta, kohl-lined eyes and manicured nails.

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Female Athletes: Their Appeal at the Box Office to be Tested

Does America really like the female athlete? Pop culture to the rescue! This weekend, I’m certain we'll find out.

Most sports, for women, are truncated versions of the male sport. I'm sure someone has written why female sports aren't as lucrative; why the allure of a female sup-ah-stah isn't there. For goodness sake, there's a multi-billion dollar business that is conducting it's Finals series right now; profiting big off the notion that this female version of that sport is feminism gold. They pretend this means men and women ballers are the same and equal: "Look a pro league for women! BE HAPPY BITCHES! LOOK WHAT OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS DID FOR YOU!” But we know the true message is: "these chic's can hoop, but just not quite good enough". Most of us know that when a "women's" section of a male activity is created, separately, from the male version, this isn't equality, its sexism. So what happens when, using the stereotypical male sports-movie script, women are the athletes?

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Travel Queeries - What does it mean to be "queer"?

Travel Queeries is a feature documentary film that explores the life, culture, art and activism of queer individuals and groups throughout a selected group of European cities. 

Radical queer identity and community within contemporary Europe.

Travel Queeries focuses on exploring queer as a political identity in 21st century urban Europe, looking at how language and identities translate over cultural and physical borders. The term queer, sometimes used in the United States as a unifying umbrella term for people who are LGBTQI, is also used by a progressive youth movement and academia and has many varied interpretations when brought into cross cultural context. While once a derogatory term, queer as a self-identity has become a significant political moniker in the international context for those living outside sexuality and gender norms.

The film has an amazing collection of COLLABORATIVE ARTISTS working with photography, drawing, painting, video art, animation and additional event footage, mostly based in Europe.

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Actor Slash Model: Using Music & Film To Share Gender Identity

Actor Slash Model is the collaborative work of Simon Strikeback, an activist and educator, and Madsen Minax, an artist and filmmaker.

Through both music and film Actor Slash Model addresses issues of gender identity, gender performance and politics, a sex positive ideal, and the art making process. 

Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Music Performance

As a filmmaking duo, Actor Slash Model is currently producing a documentary chronicling gender identity and performance as it surrounds musicianship. 

The research for this project includes conducting in depth interviews, documenting the performances, rehearsals, and everyday interactions of trans and gender variant musicians across the United States and Canada.  Through this project they seek to reveal a particularly active and vibrant realm of community and artistic excellence. 

RIOT ACTS is a transfabulous rockumentary representing the whole lives of transgender and gender variant musicians, through a first-hand perspective of the intersections between gender performance and stage performance.

This feature-length documentary highlights issues crucial to interviewees such as songwriting, voice presentation, presenting a body/bodies on stage, audiences, venues, the idea of the spectacle, media representation, performing gender and notions about “drag,” and the personal as political.

The film culminates with the notions that identities and bodies are undeniably political, and that the trans experience isn’t always one of tragedy, but one of creativity and joy. (

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Film Explores How TV & Film Sell Women As Meat

Women Bodies (Il Corpo della Donne)

Directed by Lorella Zanardo, Marco Malfi Chindemi, Cesare Cantù

This project took off as a matter of urgency.  It all started with the observation that women–real women–are an endangered species on television, one that is being replaced by a grotesque, vulgar and humiliating representation.

We sensed the enormity of this loss: the erasure of women’s identity is happening right before our eyes, but without a proper reaction, not even from women themselves.

This led us to select television images that share a common manipulative exploitation of the woman’s body, to let people know what is happening–not only people who never watch television, but especially those who watch it but “don’t see.”

Our aim is to ask ourselves questions, and to pose questions about the reason behind this erasure, a real “pogrom” of which all of us are silent spectators.  Our project grants special attention to the erasure of adult faces on television, to the use of plastic surgery to erase any sign of the passage of time, and to the social consequences of this erasure.

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Extropy. Would you stop aging, if you could?

One scientist’s quest to solve the mystery of human aging.

From Ponce de Leon to Dorian Gray and beyond, the quest to halt aging has been one of the key sources of legend and imaginative literature.

“I first became interested in the subject,” says filmmaker Jonathan Sanden, “because it’s such a fundamental human yearning that has been explored throughout all art, literature, and religion: the fear of death and the desire to live forever.”

In Sanden’s film Extropy, a geneticist whose own father is succumbing to Alzheimer’s believes he had discovered a way to stop the aging process. He turns to an eccentric businessman to fund his endeavor, but with time running out for his father, begins testing his discovery on himself.

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Darklady's Return of Pirates Dinner & Porn Social Night

AVN Award winning Digital Playground Double Feature:
”Pirates” and “Pirates II”

Saturday, September 19th

Avast, ye lubbers and piratical sorts. It’s time to swash our buckles once again, during the return of the “Pirates” double feature dinner and porn social night -- on International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

In addition to viewing Digital Playground’s most awarded and award-nominated feature releases in a fully accessible, diversity-loving, clothing-optional and costume-friendly environment, the night includes an all-you-can-eat buffet from Rumpspankers, snuggle & play spaces stocked with safer sex supplies, a cash bar area for socializing, decidedly adult giveaways, and a raffle benefiting Esther’s Pantry.

Liquid inspirations await in the cash bar social area – and those who bring a donation for Esther’s Pantry receive a raffle ticket worth copies of the films, as well as wonderful things from Taboo Video and Big Teaze Toys. Wear a costume & earn a raffle ticket. Buy more tickets and earn more chances to win!

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eurOut's videoblog about Dutch lesBian culture and life!

"Lesbians caught on video" is eurOut’s new vlog about Dutch lesbian life and culture.

The Netherlands were the first country to allow same-sex marriage but what is it like to be lesBian there today? Saskia, finalist of the Femme 2009 Award, will take you behind the borders of Holland and try to find all the answers to our questions.

In this first episode she went to a gay event called 'Roze Maandag' (Pink Monday) in Tilburg. She also interviewed the woman who "beat" her in the Femme 2009 Finale, the new face and representative of Dutch lesbian and bisexual emancipation; Giullitta.

Lesbians caught on video! Episode 1: Pink Monday from Saskia Joreen on Vimeo.


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