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In Praise of Visibility

He who is reluctant to recognize me opposes me.

 - Frantz Fanon as quoted in Firebrands

There are entire segments of the world’s population that are not recognized by others usually because of their class, race, sexual orientation, bio sex, or gender presentation. To not recognize is to oppose.  To oppose is to deny everyone the basic right to exist. To be.  If you haven’t caught my drift: that is not cool.

If I am killed, no one need mourn me. My people have all been killed in that country and I, too, will die if need be.

- Geronimo as quoted in Firebrands

Invisible. Implacable. Un-killable.

- Firebrands on the subject of Geronimo

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Happy Thanksgiving: Or Why it’s Never Too Late to Brush Up on Your History

I like Thanksgiving. I like turkey, and mashed potatoes, and gravy. I like gathering around with my family and eating some sort of pie. What I don’t like however is what Thanksgiving actually celebrates. You know, the genocide of an entire people. Columbus day is on the 12th of October, and in Canada we always celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October. Thanksgiving. Columbus. Turkey. Mass murder. And colonisation. It’s all wrapped up into this one day where we give thanks to a people who helped our ancestors survive the winter here by showing us which foods to harvest and whatnot.

The part that is often left out of history books is that we then proceeded to rape, kill and otherwise physically  and emotionally maim the natives of this fine country we now call our own. Columbus set the whole thing in motion when he “discovered” the Americas, and yet we still celebrate the dude like a hero. Spurred on by the absurdity of it all a lot of people are supporting the Reconsider Columbus Day campaign for change. There’s even a video:

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