Lupus Gimp, How Does Your Garden Grow

With gardening ProTips!
Whether it is in a small pot on a table, or in the section of yard I have claimed for my garden, the smell of freshly turned earth turns me on – not in a horny way, but in a “this is really real life” special kind of way. It helps me feel productive and connected.

I call it my garden because it is my idea, and I am the one that insists on having it. Everyone in the household sees the benefit of it. Everyone in the house contributes effort to it, either because they want to, because I ask them to, or because it increases their allowance. It really is our family garden.
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Buck Angel's BodyBuilding Food: Oatmeal

First in a series of Body Building videos for my new website  In this video I talk about the importance of good food and pre-workout eating.  I show you one of my favorite workout foods.

Breakfast Protein Oatmeal.

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Gender and Population: Climate Change Toolkit

Ensuring women contribute to and benefit from equitable climate solutions

A comprehensive resource kit from UNFPA and WEDO on gender, population and climate change. Learn how gender equality can reduce vulnerability to climate change impacts and how women are uniquely positioned to help curb the harmful consequences of a changing climate.

1. Overview: Women at the Forefront

(English, French)

2. Policy that Supports Gender Equality

(English, French)

3. Common Ground:  In Bangladesh, Ghana, Nepal, Senegal and Trinidad and Tobago

(English, French)

4. Making NAPAs Work for Women

(English, French)

5. Financing that Makes a Difference

(English, French)

6. Educate and Advocate

(English, French)

Use UNFPA and WEDO’s New Resource Kit Climate Change Connections

LEARN find out how gender equality can reduce vulnerability to climate change impacts and how women are uniquely positioned to help curb the harmful consequences of a changing climate. Read More

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Healthy Eating with an Eating Disordered History


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    Something For Every Body: Raw Data

    By Millie Jackson

    I have found eating raw foods to be an efficient, cost-effective way to achieve greater wellness. I took off over 55 pounds of excess weight when I embarked on a primarily raw foods diet. I got sick less often and experienced relief from health challenges such as chemical sensitivities, headaches, sinus congestion and painful joints. When eating a mainly raw diet I have more energy. By minimizing cooking and the associated clean-up, I save time and energy, and I get more nutrition.

    Because eating food in its natural, whole form intuitively makes sense to me, this constitutes a worthwhile diet choice for me to explore. However, the best diet for me may not be the best for you. Finding the right diet for yourself involves combining your intellect, intuition and experimentation. It is important to have a balanced diet, and most of us could benefit from eating more raw vegetables and fruits.

    Raw food is uncooked, unprocessed and unrefined. It is in its original state, retaining its natural vitality and health-promoting properties. Food provides invigorating doses of unadulterated nutrition when ingested raw. Cooking food diminishes its nutrition. At 105 - 108 degrees, enzymes (specialized proteins functioning as biochemical catalysts) begin to break down and become biologically inactive. When food is cooked, important enzymatic actions that were originally provided for by the raw version of the food are lost. Your body now has to tap into its finite reserve of enzymes to achieve the same functions.

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