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Fag Hag: Troubled and Trouble

Remember when “fag hag” was part of the vernacular, where did that term go I ask you? Do people still use that expression?

It was 1998, Will & Grace had debuted on network television, I shared an apartment with my then best friend T. and according to the Urban Dictionary I was a true fag hag.

One summer, when T. and I were, uh*, taking a time out from our own apartment and invaded our friends’ place for a week I happened to picked-up a book that was lying around and begging to be read.

Fag Hag by Robert Rodi the story of a woman who is madly in love with her gay best friend. When this particular fag hag’s best friend finds true love and she is no longer able to sabotage her intended lover’s relationships, she kidnaps him, locks him up in her basement (or something like that, 1998 was a long time ago) and tries to force him to love her. Obviously this plan fails. Miserably.

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How to make Lesbian Friendships

Ever feel at a loss? Are you completely consumed by life demands? At times it feels like we are on a stage and everyone is watching us fail! We have a sense of lose, as if it is within reach but like a toy that’s been taken by the ocean’s current it has slipped away.


Every relationship has left a trace, maybe even jaded our view of life and love to a point where even if perfection was to walk in it would seem impossible to see her! Or maybe even want her. Why want what you can’t have or ever keep.

You go out and every woman looks the same, every woman sounds the same, so familiar on the surface nothing has changed.  We have the same discussion with different faces and hear the same empty promises and speech of lost loves and new beginnings. 

We have become committed to finding a partner so badly that for most of us friendships have been put aside, until that someone comes along. Others of us have been in relationships where being with one another was sufficient and slowly isolated you from the world. Friendship, the unconditional love we have for what once was a stranger is the equivalent to oxygen in a healthy person.

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Un/Supportive II

After further emails from my friend, I believe I may have sourced the problems:

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