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Female Athletes: Their Appeal at the Box Office to be Tested

Does America really like the female athlete? Pop culture to the rescue! This weekend, I’m certain we'll find out.

Most sports, for women, are truncated versions of the male sport. I'm sure someone has written why female sports aren't as lucrative; why the allure of a female sup-ah-stah isn't there. For goodness sake, there's a multi-billion dollar business that is conducting it's Finals series right now; profiting big off the notion that this female version of that sport is feminism gold. They pretend this means men and women ballers are the same and equal: "Look a pro league for women! BE HAPPY BITCHES! LOOK WHAT OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS DID FOR YOU!” But we know the true message is: "these chic's can hoop, but just not quite good enough". Most of us know that when a "women's" section of a male activity is created, separately, from the male version, this isn't equality, its sexism. So what happens when, using the stereotypical male sports-movie script, women are the athletes?

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Semenya Was Never Told Her Sex Was Being Tested

Per ESPN.COM, The South African runner, accused of masking her sex or having a biological condition that puts her physically above other female athletes, was tested to determine her sex. The governing body of track and field, IAAF, released the request for tests and publicized the ordeal, subjecting the young woman to a public trial: is she or isn't he a woman?

The way this story has unfolded has absolutely humiliated the young runner. Pictures of the athlete were splashed across television screens everywhere, suggesting that this woman was really a man, and therefor her running victories should be revoked! The testing is one horrible thing, the public stoning is an entirely other thing. With new information suggesting this "gender testing" was kept secret from her the entire time, the humiliation seems so much worse.

[Semenya's coach] said he did not know why Semenya was lied to, but said it could have been to protect her feelings at a time when the issue was confidential, as IAAF rules demand

Now, Semenya's coach resigns amid this new controversy.

Daniels said he found out shortly before Semenya won the race at the world championships in Germany last month that she had been tested in South Africa in July at the IAAF's behest. He said she was told she was undergoing only a doping test....[Daniels]said Monday that he and other officials failed a world champion runner by not telling her she was being subjected to tests to determine her sex

Daniel's was infuriated by the secrecy and troubled by the breach of IAAF rules.

IAAF rules say such cases are to be handled confidentially. Instead, responding to media reports, the IAAF publicly acknowledged hours before the 800-meter final that questions had been raised about Semenya and that sex tests were initiated in response.

There still is no "conclusion" in this case.


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