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Sen. Hatch Gets Abstinence-Only Funding Into Health Reform Bill

Sen. Hatch Gets Abstinence-Only Funding Into Health Reform Bill

Even though Republicans and Lieberman have attempted to delay and detract the [insurance Christmas present] healthcare reform for months, they knew all along a bill would pass.  That's why they "oppose" the bill, but add in little bits and pieces to campaign on, when necessary.

Pro-Life, anti-Woman?  Check.

Oppose Bill and higher "national Debt"?  Check.

Call against Socialism?  Check.

Secure Funding for Pro-Christian Abstinence Only programs?  Check.

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Why I Can No Longer Support Current HealthCare Reform Legislation

Reading through my blog archives, any reader will infer that I am a major proponent of healthcare reform legislation. Not only have I spoken out in support of a strong and robust public option, I have trashed any Senator/House Representatives who fail to put the American public’s health as priority; whether in siding with insurance companies, drug companies and various other industry special interests or being a Republican/NeoCon.

As an insider, I have a special perspective on this issue, one which has enabled me to know personally the financial predicament of the insured, mostly caused by run-away insurance costs and steadily diminishing coverage. I know, first hand, how truly fucked up this country’s insurance system really is. With this in mind, I have donated to, written about, volunteered for and re-tweeted countless pro-reform causes because I know how important this is. It is safe to say I have proven myself to be one of healthcare reform’s most ardent and devoted supporters.

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Insurance Company to Woman: You Were Raped? DENIED


There are some things that I can’t describe; so upsetting no words can convey how I feel. Now is one of those times.  A story on highlights the practice of insurance companies that deny coverage for rape victims who are prescribed anti-HIV medication to prevent contracting the disease.  According to the health insurance provider, using anti-HIV medication indicates an unhealthy patient, a patient with too many health risks, a patient with a risk laden lifestyle.  Even after the assault was documented within the appeal process, the insurance company still felt the patient was too risky, and she was denied.  Now with a documented appeal and subsequent denial, for lack of better words, this woman is totally fucked.

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