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I'm sure the title of this article has some of you scratching your heads.  It's a newer term and one that I feel fits me best.  The first time I heard the term I felt like doing cartwheels, I'd finally found MY term.  Before finding the term heteroflexible I would say I'm selectively bisexual and then would have to launch into a huge explanation about my "type" of woman and why that specific type turned me on.  My type of woman is butch, dominant, and scrappy.


I suppose it all stems from my first girlfriend "T".  She was butch, thin, and muscular.  She had an intensity about her that just took my breath away every time I was near her.  I met "T" in high school and fell instantly in lust.  Her personality and charm just swept me off my feet and I let myself get carried away.  Sex with her was amazing and we had an on and off association through our teenaged years until we finally just lost touch and I focused on my relationship with Alan.

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