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Gay Witch Hunts – Uganda Hates Us!


Who would have thought that in this day and age real life witch hunts coul
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Transgender Is Not A Myth

Over the past week I was happy to report a few great news items from the UK and USA affecting the pink community there. Top of the list was that former "Terminator" actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor of California (who is a Republican, by the way) signed a bill into law that inaugurated "Harvey Milk Day", in memorial to the now world-famous gay rights campaigner immortalized in the movie "Milk".

In addition to the Milk bill, Schwarzenegger ratified another bill affecting same-sex couples legally married outside of California which ensures that gay couples who wed before the passage of Proposition 8 in November retain their status as "married", while those who wed after the measure passed will retain all rights of marriage save the name. This means that married same gender couples moving to California need not register as "domestic partners" to have their relationships recognized.

Schwarzenegger also signed a bill that will expand funding for domestic violence programs targeting the gay and lesbian communities.

The "Governator", who has very publicly shown support to the gay community in California, particularly during the Proposition 8 issue last year, has also vetoed several other bills, which do not affect the gay community perse' - but just the transgender community.

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HIV-AIDS and Homophobia in Timor-Leste

(via East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin)

In its Comments on the U.S. Department of State Country reports on Human Rights Practices for 2008, the East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) andWest Papua Advocacy Team (WPAT) noted that, in East Timor:

There is pervasive bias against homosexuals, keeping nearly all closeted.

People with HIV/AIDS are largely unidentified due to lack of public information and testing.

HIV may be far more widespread than public health officials admit, according to some experts.

AIDS casualties are listed as dying from tuberculosis or other opportunistic diseases.

The lack of access for HIV-positive people to information, testing and health care, combined with common extramarital sexual relations, will likely kill many people in coming years.

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March Hares And April Fools

Since the April 22 Election in which it got its chronometers soundly cleaned, the right wing Christian Democratic Alliance has been quiet - dare I say "silent as a tomb"? No press statements since April. No more boisterous squawking in nauseating radio ads about gay people being "enemies of Christianity" and a "threat to the family" or rabid press releases aimed at the government for the folly of including human rights of gay people in the Constitution and "dethroning almighty God" in favor of the rule of mere human law. In fact, short of one or two blog posts by one of its fearless leaders, Colin Fibiger - obviously on the inseparable issues of religion and politics, and suggestions on training the youth to "know better” next time, there has been no visible activity on their part. I'm thinking they ran out of a lot more than cash at the end of the elections - they ran out of supporters, interest and credibility as well.

It seems most of its supporters have skittered back to the ACDC, - I mean, P - or cast their votes elsewhere, since even that slightly larger party had its conservative voter support decimated by half.

Since having its nose rubbed in its’ own misogyny and anti-diversity utterances, the ACDP has over the past week or so been (very surprisingly) commenting favorably on Caster Semenya’s gender test ordeal, presumably only because every other political party has been doing so as well - and it has realized that agreeing with everybody else tends to make them less bad. It's called PR, I believe - aka brown-nosing. I wonder what they would have to say should her tests, due out soon, show her to be a transgender or transsexual person? Considering the things their reps have had to say about gay and trans people in the past, I should expect one of them to drop a political clanger over it.

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