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The story title says it all: Women forced at gun point to remove their bras.

In Mogadishu, extreme Islamist group al Shabaab has been reported gathering up and whipping women who are thought to have breasts that are too firm, implying that they’re wearing bras, which apparently goes against strict interpretation of Sharia law.

Because clearly there is nothing more important to militants than cracking down on rebel, bra-wearing, women.

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Conservatives Are Trying To Take Over The World

Once in a while, on the Internet, you come across something that makes your skin crawl and automatically engages your gag reflex, and no I'm not talking about videos like "Two Girls One Cup". 

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HPV Vaccine For Boys Too, Imagine That

This is good news. (to be taken literally)

CNN reports that an FDA panel voted in favor of approving the use of the HPV vaccine in boys ages 7 to 26 years:

A Food and Drug Administration advisory committee voted Wednesday to recommend that the vaccine be made available to boys and young men aged 9 to 26 for protection against genital warts caused by HPV.

With the current FDA regulations allowing the use of this effective vaccine only in girls and women, comes the inference that women are responsible for HPV. The vaccine comes with risks, as do all vaccines, that women have had to accept in order to protect themselves and by extent, others, from dangerous forms of cancer and genital warts. If the FDA approves the use of Gardasil for boys and men, the responsibility for STI/STD prevention and sexual health is placed equally upon all parties having sex, not just us women.

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