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The Advice Column and the Prostitute

First, thank you to LaPrincipessa for a great post on the gender double-standard in adultery.  I say thank you both because LaPrincipessa makes good points, and because she alerted me to the news that Ashley Dupre, one of the prostitutes involved in the Eliot Spitzer scandal, now has her own dating advice column with the New York Post.  I realize that the New York Post has the same owner as Fox News, and mostly offers the same grossly oversimplified right-wing propraganda and celebrity gossip, but there's an idea with serious potential.  The first step toward empowering a stigmatized group - such as sex-workers - is allowing individuals to tell their own stories to a wide audience.  Objectively, Ashley Dupre has a lot of experience with sex, and likely a different perspective from my own, and which makes me curious what she has to say.  Also, for everyone protesting that Ashley Dupre is a shameful whore, cover pages like: continue to sell newspapers. 

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Betty Bowers explains Marriage in the Bible

 I love this lady, I really do.  She makes even the most arbitrary collection of gobbledygook and delusional ravings of sun-cooked lunatics seem like the mere simplistic hypocrisy that it is.

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