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Symbolism As Ideology

Symbols mean different things to different people. I suppose this view depends on how these symbols - and what they symbolize and represent, affect you personally.

According to BBC news, Hindus now want to reclaim the use of one of their traditional symbols - the swastika. Why on Earth they would want to do this, I have no idea - but I don't think they will ever shake the Nazi association with that symbol... even though it has been used by Tibetans and even Vikings to symbolize other things altogether since the times of pre-history.

Apparently the swastika's ancient meanings were something to do with good luck and good fortune - something entirely different to the modern meanings of both those who used it, and use it today - and those they used it against.

I think it has to do with living memory. People affected directly by the negative implications of the symbol, still live today - as do their children, and their children. We see it everywhere in history, in documentaries, in laws, in politics, in the changed world we live in - and are reminded of it. We can't forget it - and I don't think we should.
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