Greetings from PatientC!

Hallo! I am PatientC. I write a lot about being a crip, a gimp, handicapped, disabled, messed up, plagued, etc… The truth is I have lupus/SLE and a number of smaller health issues, and I can be pretty vocal about it. Oh, and I can write about almost anything, but introductions are unusually difficult, so bear with me while I figure out what you may want to know.

I believe that a sense of humor, even a dark one, is the essential modern day survival skill. Following a close second is the ability to communicate emotions in an effective manner. Without these, we rot from the inside out until all that is left is a bitter, decayed shell.

My perv history begins before my crip history, kind of. I am part of a poly family, and we have all lived together for a decade this past spring. I am also bisexual and pervy, and for six years I was the face of a fetish performance art group called CrimsonMane. What we did ranged from writing FAQs and doing demos to elaborate theatrical performances. I have also worked as a pro-sub at two houses, and served as a receptionist at one house of domination.

My crip history is long and varied. Lupus ruled for about seven years or so before we pegged it down and we started treatment that actually made some difference. Other culprits along the way included mono, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, hypochondria, Munchausen’s syndrome, and malingering. It was a long, tortuous path and at different points in it I doubted myself. I prevailed eventually, and I want to be part of a community the helps supports other folks on the same path.

What comes to my head to write about can vary far and wide: from video games to assisted living product reviews to social commentary to rants to advice. Really, whatever comes to mind long enough for me to get to a keyboard is fair game – but it is all colored by who I am, my experiences, and the way I live my life.

I am really glad to be here at SexGenderBody, and I hope to add something good to the amazing content here.

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Chantelle Austin - Bisexuality

I recently found someone through twitter, named Chantelle Austin.  She is active in the swing lifestyle, with her own website and social media like Facebook.  She will be a guest speaker at later this year.

Today, she sent me this video on her experiences with bisexuality.  I enjoyed her personal experience as related by her own words.

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