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PQBDS AND PINKWATCHING ISRAEL tell Israeli Gay Youth (IGY) that Israeli Occupation cannot be reduced to neither “political tension” nor a “hot issue”.

Thanks to IGLYO Out of Israel and the massive support it got, the International Gay and Lesbian Youth Organization (IGLYO) and Israeli Gay Youth (IGY) announced that they would no longer hold IGLYO’s General Assembly in Tel Aviv, Israel. This marks the very first victory for queer-powered BDS!

However, in their joint statement, the two partners also announced that IGY’s World LGBTQ Youth Leader’s Summit, originally planned as a side event at the GA, is still set to be held in Tel Aviv in December 2011.

As we are nearing the deadline of application to the summit, LGBTQ youth leaders are being told that the event will include conversations with queer Palestinians and address “hot issues” and “political tensions” in Israel – their apparent “compromise” to the anger of queer BDS activists. Despite the announcement that IGY will hold conversations with queer Palestinians, no Palestinian queer group has actually received an invitation.

Tell IGY that Israeli Occupation cannot be reduced to a “hot issue” or “political tension”.
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Call for Action: Tell IGLYO to Get Out of Israel

Call for Action: Tell IGLYO to Get Out of Israel

Dear LGBTQ organization/group/activist,

We Palestinian queer activists from alQaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian society, Aswat — Palestinian Gay Women, and PQBDS (Palestinian Queers for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions), are writing to you to express our disappointment with the International Gay and Lesbian Youth Organization’s [IGLYO] decision to hold its General Assembly for 2011, this December, in Tel Aviv, Israel. Even after we contacted IGLYO expressing our deep concerns about the problematic political implications of holding the conference in Israel,  they published an ‘Open Letter – 2011 GA‘ emphasizing that they are unwilling to reconsider, and even more, defending their decision and misleading LGTBQ member organizations into normalizing and providing a cover to the Israeli apartheid and oppression of the Palestinian people — IGLYO didn’t only decide to hold their General Assembly conference in Tel Aviv, but they also accepted Israeli government money, participating in a world wide campaign to re-brand Israel and pinkwash it’s crimes. We are therefore calling upon you to help us communicate to IGLYO why their action is unjust and unbecoming of an organization devoted to furthering the rights of queer people and human rights in general.

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