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Lesbian Flirting Tips! The Truth!

I am by far the worst person at picking up chicks, but you know what they say “those who can’t do teach.” So here I am caught in my avoidant behavior by a stranger no doubt, someone that stumbled on something I wrote and realized immediately that I have been living in the shadow of “picking up fear.”

Its funny that most people think I am confident, they see me laughing, being loud and joking around and they assume that it’s easy for “seemingly” outgoing people to pick up. Well the reality, like a lot of you may know, is that appearances are often not the depth of the person, and when you start peeling the layers you find that beneath the shiny distracting exterior lies shyness, insecurity, fears and maybe even worthlessness.

I was a really ugly kid, seriously, I had big thick glasses, braces (the whole head gear), really tall, hunched and long curly hair always in my face. I was not much to look at and with that came the avoidance of people; the bullying I received during my time at the French school did not help either. By the time I reached high school, my braces were off, contacts were in, hair was pulled back, and that little French accent got me whatever I wanted in the South African school.

Oh yeah! I went from being nothing to something different, and never had to or really wanted to learn to pick up someone. Also, being a big fat lesbian did not help because I had little interest in boys but I wanted to play and be friends with them which seemed to make them more interested so that cut the challenge of learning too.

So here I am thirty years old, sitting at a bar with my best friend without a clue in the world as to how I am going to show Tann (the reader I will soon not forget!) that she’s wrong.

Well needless to say it was an absolute train wreck, but I did learn some important tips on flirting and picking up women.

Here goes nothing:

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