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Lesbian Lovers: The Art of Cunnilingus

First of all, before we begin let’s get something straight about my favorite pass time. This article is going to be graphic and straight to the point, so if you have any problems with learning the vagina in the most intimate of ways… stop… reading… now.

Every gay woman knows, the vagina is a complicate instrument that is attached to our brains and unlike our male counterparts, who merely have to graze it against a tree and they get a hard on.  Well for us ladies it takes a little bit of warming up; it’s all about teasing, and taking it slowly. All vaginas differ in shape, taste, smell, and feeling.  Every woman needs to be learnt and understood as an individual; understanding that the same trick may not work on all women.


When doing cunnilingus, you don’t only use your mouth and tongue, but your ears to listen to her and your hands to feel her.  Stay in tune with your lover, don’t just focus on making her cum it should be fun and you should enjoy being there watching her while you play with her body and excite her. It’s not a race and you don’t get a price for how fast you make her climax, but rest assured you will get one for how hard.

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