Lesbian Orgasm

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I want to Sweat, Scream & Cum until I pass out!

Men must think I have some special powers or something because it is unbelievable how many sex questions I get from straight guys wanting to know how to please their lady. In fact it makes me giggle how admirable man are for coming to a lesbian for advice on sex. So this article is in honor of all my straight boys who have inspired and drove me on the quest to attain the most incredible mind altering orgasm!

Because you sweet lads want to make your ladies cum so hard that they pass out I thought it only fair I give the same information out to my wonderful Lesbian women… because after all we are talking about the vagina and Lesbians do love bowing to her grace and beauty (and screams!)

So let’s face it, there are a million if not more articles, books, videos, pretty much any media full of information that give you info on how to have an orgasm… and yet there are still ladies not achieving them and that is just not fair, so here is the low down on  the down under.

First of all cumming for women is not easy whether you are straight or gay. It takes a lot of energy and concentration, in fact if our mind is not in direct communication with our lady parts then usually the Big O will not happen. The world often makes it seem that it should just happen automatically and that everyone is capable of having an orgasm, but the reality is that a high proportion of women can’t climax at all.  

Young women especially find it to be a difficult task to reach, but what research has recently found out is that for women an orgasm is learned! Yup girls, you have to teach your body to cum! I know it is a bummer but here is the good news, once you have taught your body how to make it bounce and fly then you can keep on doing it and get better at it (One thing the boys cannot do! Multiple orgasms!)

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