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Lesbian Sex Ed: Let’s talk Anal!


I was talking to my sister on the phone the other day and the conversation found it’s way in the most amusing and yet unspoken place “how do you feel about anal?” she says to me without a second of hesitation.  Now, there is very little I haven’t dealt with; however, I don’t think anyone is ever prepared to hear that come out of their little sister’s mouth.

After a giggle and all the why’s and how’s were answered, I wondered how much Lesbians knew about anal sex and how many were willing to share their experiences and feelings around this dark and often scary topic. I tested this hypothesis on my girlfriend by asking her “how do you feel about anal?” All I got back was a smile and a wink, which I am still working on the verbal translation. 

There are many words to describe the anus: back-door, back eye, bum hole, butt pussy, chuff, date, flipside, moon, rosebud, third eye, round eye, trap two, workman’s entrance (or lesbianized a workwoman’s entrance), arsehole, batcave, blowhole, butthole, ring, fudge tunnel, pooh chute, tan track and the list goes on. I don’t care what you call your dirt road; it is still an amazing place to explore sexually and can be a lot of fun.

 Most women are concerned in this area as their can be sometimes nasty surprises, and no one wants to be embarrassed, vulnerable and naked in bed. Yes, there are some things that could happen during anal sex that are unplanned but isn’t that with anything. Sex is a messy often very wet experience. There is sweat, saliva, vagina lubrication/ cum (aka honey pot butter), and sometimes even blood.

 So, maybe by now I have repulsed you so much you’re asking, “well what’s the point if it’s so nasty?” Anal sex is not nasty that is the point! Anal sex is very similar to having vagina intercourse, the difference is the skin and lining of the rectum is rich in nerve endings and is capable of producing increadible sensations.

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