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Travel Queeries - What does it mean to be "queer"?

Travel Queeries is a feature documentary film that explores the life, culture, art and activism of queer individuals and groups throughout a selected group of European cities. 

Radical queer identity and community within contemporary Europe.

Travel Queeries focuses on exploring queer as a political identity in 21st century urban Europe, looking at how language and identities translate over cultural and physical borders. The term queer, sometimes used in the United States as a unifying umbrella term for people who are LGBTQI, is also used by a progressive youth movement and academia and has many varied interpretations when brought into cross cultural context. While once a derogatory term, queer as a self-identity has become a significant political moniker in the international context for those living outside sexuality and gender norms.

The film has an amazing collection of COLLABORATIVE ARTISTS working with photography, drawing, painting, video art, animation and additional event footage, mostly based in Europe.

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Buck Angel: Bucking the System (episode one)

Buck Angel's new series sharing his perspective on gender and sexuality, with the accompaniment of a sign language interpreter. 

Buck is will answer questions every week on this show.  We will be posting the show here on  So, if you have questions for Buck about his career or life story, please send them to

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Indian Transgenders get their own beauty parlour


FARIDABAD: Like most beauty parlours in Delhi and NCR, Simmy is preparing for the big rush during the Karvachauth festival on October 7. The beautician's diary is already brimming with appointments for the special day. But unlike other parlours, Simmi's clients are all men.

Welcome to Queer Beauty Parlour, probably the first beauty treatment centre run exclusively for transgenders in and around capital. And by the looks of it, this unique centre which gives gays not only beauty solutions but also their own free space, is a runaway hit with the community.

When NGO, Pahal Foundation, which works with gay men under a community initiative to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS in Faridabad, started the parlour in April this year, it expected just a few clients from within Faridabad. But within six months, Simmy -- a transgender himself -- and his support staff have their hands full.

"Transgenders who wanted a feminine appearance found it almost impossible to get any beauty treatment anywhere. The parlours for women just did not take them and those meant for men would make them a subject of ridicule. Hence the concept of a beauty parlour for transgenders found favour and the initiative started as a self help group effort in April," says Yadavendra Singh, who heads the Pahal centre in Faridabad.

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Transsexuals Take Position against Chief of Police Hüseyin Çapkın

By  Bawer ÇAKIR

(BiaNet - ISTANBUL) About 100 people protested in Istanbul's district of Beyoğlu, claiming that the pressure on tansvestites and transsexuals has increased ever since Hüseyin Çapkın became Chief of Police.

Click here to visit the photo gallery.

The Istanbul LGTB Initiative and the Labor Movement Party organized a demonstration in Istanbul's busy district of Beyoğlu to draw attention to the oppression and applications against transvestites and transsexuals enforced by Chief of Police Hüseyin Çapkın during the last days.

The transsexuals and transvestites argued in the meeting in the early evening hours on 28 September that every day arbitrary fines have been issued to them under the excuse of disturbing the environment. They announced that they are not going to give way to these applications.

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The Face of Hatred - A Hate Crime Survivor

 This is a powerful, moving video from a man - Michael, who was recently attacked and brutalized because he is gay.  The police arrested him rather than seek the attackers.  They arrested the man lying on the ground in his own blood. 

[From Michael]

Something I left out of this video, after I called the Saint Petersburg Police Dept here in Florida, they found my broken and battered body on the ground. I explained that I was attacked, instead of wanting to help me they asked if i had been drinking, I then pointed to where i last remembered the men running away, the cops were not interested.

I then got angry and said "why are you not going after them? The cop did not answer me, I then told him I have a serious blood disease, I am beaten and you might as well finish me off if you're not here to help me, and said some more sarcastic angry things because I was in shock and excruciating pain.

I was then handcuffed and was told that I was being "baker-acted" because I am a threat to others and to myself.

This is my way of trying to be strong after being beaten.  It's important that people see what hatred upon another for no other reason than for being born the way I am, to bring about change. I do not hate my attackers, I forgive them and pray they will lose the hatred in their hearts.

Be well, Michael

The people in St. Petersburg, FL have homophobic, lazy cops!  Please call St. Petersburg Chief of Police, Charles " Chuck" Harmon at (727) 893-7588 to demand the apprehension of the men that beat Michael and to institute policy changes in his donut-eaters.

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Arse Elektronika 2009

Arse Elektronika 2009

October 1-4, 2009

San Francisco, CA

Of Intercourse and Intracourse: Sexuality, Genetics, Biotech, Wetware, Body mods.

Scottish SF author Iain Banks created a fictitious group-civilisation called "Culture" in his eponymous narrative.  The vast majority of humanoid people in the "Culture" are born with greatly altered glands housed within their central nervous systems, who secrete - on command - mood- and sensory-appreciation-altering compounds into the person's bloodstream.  Additionally many inhabitants have subtly altered reproductive organs - and control over the associated nerves - to enhance sexual pleasure.  Ovulation is at will in the female, and a fetus up to a certain stage may be re-absorbed, aborted, or held at a static point in its development; again, as willed. Also, a viral change from one sex into the other, is possible.  And there is a convention that each person should give birth to one child in their lives.  It may sound strange, but Banks states that a society in which it is so easy to change sex will rapidly find out if it is treating one gender better than the other.  Pressure for change within society would presumably build up until some form of sexual equality and hence numerical parity will be established.

Does this set-up sound too futuristic? Too utopian? Too bizarre?

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Decriminalisation of Homosexuality is Not "Some Kind of Democracy"

New UN Assembly President Treki's Statements on LGBTI Rights and Decriminalisation of Homosexuality is Not "Some Kind of Democracy"

ILGA is deeply worried and outraged by UN Assembly new President Ali Abdussalam Treki's failure to consider the protection of the life and safety of lesbians, gay men, trans, intersex and bisexual people all over the world a matter of human rights.

In an interview prior to his first address to the UN Assembly in his new role, Mr Treki declared himself to be "not in favour at all" with reference to the Statement in favour of the decriminalisation of homosexuality signed by 66 Countries and read by the Argentinian representative last December at the General Assembly in New York.

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American Labor Movement Calls for Full Inclusion of LGBT Workers

AFL-CIO Convention Passes Historic Resolution on Diversity



PITTSBURGH, PA -- If there were any doubts that the American labor movement stands strongly in favor of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender ( LGBT ) rights, they were set to rest the minute former United Mine Workers president Richard L. Trumka took the podium last Wednesday as the newly elected President of the AFL-CIO. Speaking at the labor federation's quadrennial national convention, the feisty third-generation coal miner issued a clear call for the full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender voices in the labor movement and American life.

"What does labor want?" Trumka asked the 3,000 elected delegates and guests gathered in Pittsburgh's David L. Lawrence Convention Center. "We want a nation where it doesn't matter what the color of your skin is...or what sex or religion you are...or whether you're gay or straight or what country your family's from because here, in America, we believe everyone ought to have their chance to step into the winner's circle."


Trumka's election, along with the selection of 39 year old Liz Shuler as the AFL-CIO's new Secretary-Treasurer and the return of Arlene Holt Baker as the labor federation's Executive Vice President, capped a week that LGBT activists called historic. Delegates to the convention, elected to represent 11.5 million members across the country, repeatedly included issues of concern to the LGBT community during debates and speeches, including marriage equality and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act ( ENDA ) . President Barack Obama, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis and Caroline Kennedy were among the guest speakers at the convention, which marked a high point in the labor movement's commitment to LGBT equality.

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Out At Lunch: A New Film About Coming Out

Out At Lunch

A film by Alisa Arnah and Emma Brogen

During their last few days at Cambridge University a tight-knit group of friends prepare for life in the 'real world' as adults, and as lesbians...

Set against the impressive backdrop of Cambridge University, surrounded by history, privilege and tradition, Out at Lunch introduces a group of friends who probably aren't featured in the prospectus.

They’re all lesbians.

We meet the group during their last few days together, as graduation looms and they prepare to go their separate ways. To mark what feels like the end of an era, they’ve organised one last get-together with a difference, it‟s a formal meal and
this time they're inviting the parents!

For some girls, this will be the first time they and their parents have openly acknowledged their sexuality and their relationships.

For most parents, this will be the first time they've ever met other parents whose daughters are gay.

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Twilight life of Malaysia's Muslim transsexuals

With her tight jeans, elaborate make-up and flowing hair, Tasha looks for all the world like a striking young woman. But her all-important Malaysian ID card declares she is a Muslim man.

"In Islam, there are only men and women, there are no transsexuals, and this is an Islamic country so that makes life very difficult for us," says the 28-year-old who has been cross-dressing since she was a child.

Like many transsexuals in Malaysia, a conservative and mostly Muslim country, the clash between ID card and appearance means Tasha is shunned by employers, and forced to make her living as a sex worker.

"It's a hard life, people don't like us, they're always making fun of us," she says as she prepares for another night in the grimy alleyways of Chow Kit, the red light district of the capital Kuala Lumpur.

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