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Jake Raynard: Rally and Support Info

Our Community Response to Violence

Friends and family of Jake Raynard are inviting the greater Thunder Bay community to a walk and a rally starting at Waverly Park at 6 pm on Friday, September 11 to positively respond to the targeted violence Jake and some friends experienced a week ago.

On Friday, September 4th, Jake, a 30 year old gay man and some of his friends were attacked by a group of men outside a bar in downtown Port Arthur. The beating left Jake with 15 fractures to his cheekbone, a broken eye socket, a broken jaw and a broken upper palate. This violent hate crime has shocked, devastated and enraged Jake, his family, and the entire Thunder Bay community. This is not the first time this type of attack has taken place and it is time for the community to respond in a positive display of support.

The Unified Community around Jake Raynard is calling on all people in the greater Thunder Bay community to attend this rally to:

1. Welcome Jake back into our community from the hospital, give him support, help him with his desire to put a face to hate crimes of all kinds, and acknowledge his courage in coming forward.

2. To stand united as a community and declare that WE the residents of the greater Thunder Bay area and our response to this hate crime define this community, not the attackers or this terrible crime.

This is a matter that concerns the safety of all groups in our community, the image of our beloved city, and the future we build together.

Stand up for your community as we march through the Port Arthur downtown district, and return to Waverly Park to hear from a diverse group of community leaders.

This is a crucial time for the greater Thunder Bay community-- let’s make Jake’s heroism and our community response be the stepping stone for healing and positive change on our streets and in our homes.

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Cara Page Speaking at 2009 CLPP Conference

Cara Page, National Director, CWPE

She is a queer rights, reproductive rights, human rights and women’s health activist and artist based in the U.S. Southeast. She strives to bring visibility to the issues impacting women of color’s bodies and to build the sustainability and well being of poor people and people of color communities through health advocacy, political education and creating healing and response networks.

Through her work at CWPE she continues to highlight the intersections between eugenic practices and population control, privatization of women’s bodies and healthcare, and the misuse of dangerous chemicals and contraceptives on impoverished communities.

In this wonderful address, she addresses many social issues in clear and direct terms.  She really focused on the view of women of color & LGBTQI people as being defned as either breeders or labor, but not human.  A powerful distinction.

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Lesbian Movements: Ruptures & Alliances

Lesbians are everywhere.

 Lesbian Movements in pdf

Lesbians have always been present in various civil society movements, with gay men’s organizations, in feminist groups, as well as in the artistic sphere and in the fight for decolonization and independence of their country. In recent decades lesbians have been present in the fight for equal rights for women of colour, aborigen women, and more broadly with feminist movements.

Read it online!

The present publication, in English, is a collection of experiences from individuals worldwide involved in lesbian movements, civil society and human rights organizations. Credit was given to those lesbians* in many parts of the world who have led the way and those who are actively involved in fighting for the wellbeing and recognition of their rights.

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eurOut's videoblog about Dutch lesBian culture and life!

"Lesbians caught on video" is eurOut’s new vlog about Dutch lesbian life and culture.

The Netherlands were the first country to allow same-sex marriage but what is it like to be lesBian there today? Saskia, finalist of the Femme 2009 Award, will take you behind the borders of Holland and try to find all the answers to our questions.

In this first episode she went to a gay event called 'Roze Maandag' (Pink Monday) in Tilburg. She also interviewed the woman who "beat" her in the Femme 2009 Finale, the new face and representative of Dutch lesbian and bisexual emancipation; Giullitta.

Lesbians caught on video! Episode 1: Pink Monday from Saskia Joreen on Vimeo.


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"Meet the Rights 5" - LGBTQI Rights PSA!

The Rights 5 is a campaign to educate Coloradans on the state laws that protect and enrich the lives of LGBT people.

It is a public education project of the GLBT Community Center of Colorado.

Colorado now has five laws that protect and enrich the lives of LGBT people. The Rights Five is a league of superheroes banded together to illuminate those laws.


OK, so it's hokey.  But, you know what?  It's better than Ted Haggard's message on LGBTQI.  So, 'Bravo, Colorado' for not only talking about altering the dialogue, but for spending time and money on the task.

Visit the website.  Of course, they're on facebook, too.  Email them at

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Surgeon pays damages to Christiane Völling

According to information from Christiane Völling, the surgeon, Prof. Dr. L. has given up and will not appeal the latest judgment after losing for the third time and he has already paid the damages! This is a victory from beginning to end for Christiane and her courageous lawyer, Georg Groth.

The payment [of damages] brought the "Hermtrial" which has been ongoing for over two years to a historic end more quickly than expected: for the first time ever in Germany a surgeon has been held accountable in a civil suit for non-consensual castration of an intersexed person - and the decision was upheld at all levels of the judicial system!

A huge day for all intersex people and all those who support them in their struggle to stop nonconsensual genital surgery and other nonconsensual treatments and those who support the right to self determination and human rights for intersex people.

- Translation, Curtis E. Hinkle, Founder of OII

(Source Intersex News)

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Controversial Novel Set To Tap Into The Overlooked

By Simangele Mzizi (Behind The Mask)

SOUTH AFRICA - 04 September 2009: A punchy, in your face, unapologetic and exciting novel titled, I Aint Yo Bitch by Jabulile Ngwenya, is set to keep a few tongues wagging, a must read but definitely not for the faint hearted.

Published by Paper Bag Publishing, I Aint Yo Bitch was launched at the Wits Writing Centre, on 20 August 2009.

Ngwenya said by writing this book she deliberately wanted to advocate for tolerance and initiate dialogue in the black community about homosexuality and hate crimes.

“People should talk about why a woman has to be killed because she is lesbian”, she says.

The book is about an emerging lesbian hip hop performer Tebogo and explores her relationships with her band members and female groupies.

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We Are Everywhere: A Fiveway Review of A History of Bisexuality, Bisexual Spaces, Look Both Ways, Open, and Becoming Visible (Pt. 3)

By Jonathan Alexander and Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio

Will appear in Bisexuality and Queer Theory, a special-topics issue of The Journal of Bisexuality. Pre-published with permission of Routledge, New York.

Book Three: Jennifer Baumgardner’s Look Both Ways. (Farrar, Strauss & Giroux, 2007.)

Both Baumgardner’s and Block’s books come in the feminist tradition of theorizing from the personal, namely of using personal experience to extrapolate theoretical propositions that are not exactly macro-political but nonetheless provide insights applicable well beyond mere identity politics. While Baumgardner’s book uses the personal as a springboard to offer comments on the media and cultural politics, Block’s book is organized as a personal narrative, which, complemented by the author’s reflections about her own story, has the ambition to offer itself as an encouragement for any reader’s personal and political transformation. In both their methods and intents, these books are a refreshing statement about what it means to have had several decades of women’s and gender studies as an official part of higher education.

One can see these disciplines in action as one reads how these authors take pride in their gender and acknowledge the importance of female genealogies in their lives, intellectual, political, and biological. Block and Baumgardner come to bisexuality from different perspectives: Block defines the space of her bisexual expression within the open marriage she and her spouse gradually create together, an amicable space where their daughter is raised with abundant parenting; more faithful to the feminist communities with whom she works, Baumgardner defines her profile as that of an independent professional whose choice to be a single parent is supported by her communities with abundant affection and help.

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Gender JUST: Celebration for Safe & Affirming Education!

Have you been following Gender JUST’s Safe & Affirming Education Campaign?

Do you want to learn more?

Do you want to get involved?

Are you interested in meeting the amazing young people, parents, teachers, and allies who lead this campaign?

Would you like to celebrate the victories and all the hard work that’s gone into Gender JUST’s Safe & Affirming Education Campaign?

Come to a Celebration for Safe & Affirming Education!

Hosted by Gender JUST’s Safe & Affirming Education Organizing Committee

· Saturday, September 19th 2009

· 6:00pm – 8:00pm

· Lichen Lending Library (1921 S Blue Island) – right down the street from Lozano Library!

Bring some food, bring some music, bring some friends, bring some energy, bring yourself!

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Transcending Boundaries: Call For Presentation Proposals

Transcending Boundaries Conference
November 20-22, 2009
Worcester, MA
Call For Presentation Proposals

*** Please forward to friends and allies as appropriate ***

Deadline: September 15, 2009

We are thrilled to announce the Transcending Boundaries Conference 2009. TBC is a conference for the bisexual/pansexual, trans/genderqueer, intersex and polyamorous communities. In an effort to create an exciting and informative event, we are searching for speakers who are passionate about their area of expertise and want to share it with the community.

Transcending Boundaries began in 2001 as a conference for those who blur the lines of sex, gender, and sexual orientation; and we need your help. We are actively seeking presentations on a variety of topics. Whether you're an experienced presenter or interested in leading a group for the first time, we'd love to receive your proposal.

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