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Calls for IRS to investigate FL Church for engaging in gay hate in political campaign

Fran over at BlueGal sent this to me.  Typical fundie horse-crap, pitching the message of hatred, intolerance & greed.  Read the letter yourself.  It's from Beth Corbin at Americans United.  Some (or should I say "yet another"?) church is telling people to vote for the "not a homo" candidate.  

I think they're right to contact the IRS.  The only thing a church will respond to quicker than a hand-out is the threat of paying taxes. 



Dove World Outreach Center’s ‘No Homo Mayor’ Sign Constitutes Illegal Intervention In Gainesville Election, Says Watchdog Group

Americans United for Separation of Church and State today asked the Internal Revenue Service to investigate a church in Gainesville, Fla., that posted a sign opposing a mayoral candidate.

Dove World Outreach Center erected a sign on its property reading, “No Homo Mayor.” The reference is to Craig Lowe, a mayoral candidate who is gay.

Contacted about the matter by the Gainesville Sun, a top church official admitted that the church had erected the sign.

“We don’t feel as though the city should be represented by a homosexual,” said Terry Jones, senior pastor at Dove World Outreach Center.

The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, Americans United executive director, called the church’s actions a blatant example of illegal politicking by a tax-exempt group.

“This is an open-and-shut case,” Lynn said. “The church freely admits that it intended to intervene in the election in violation of federal tax law. I urge the IRS to act promptly.”

Americans United sent a letter to IRS officials today, asking them to investigate the matter.

Jones told the Sun he believes the church is acting within its constitutional rights. But as Americans United pointed out in its letter to the IRS, groups accepting tax exemptions must meet certain conditions, including refraining from election interventions.

AU also noted that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit rejected the free speech defense in a 2000 ruling in the case Branch Ministries v. Rosotti.

Americans United is a religious liberty watchdog group based in Washington, D.C. Founded in 1947, the organization educates Americans about the importance of church-state separation in safeguarding religious freedom.

Please feel free to distribute widely!!

March 26, 2010

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Queering Yerevan Open Call for Proposals 2010

The Women Oriented Women’s collective is pleased to announce its Summer 2010 open call for proposals.  Individual and collaborating artists are welcome to submit proposals for work that engages with the theme of this year’s art intervention.

July 31 – August 1, 2010

Zarubyan 34, Yerevan

Contact: Arpi Adamyan

Translation looms large among the cultural practices that at once join and separate us.  We use intralingual translation to interpret verbal signs by means of other signs of the same language, we depend on interlingual translation to interpret the verbal signs of a foreign language, and we rely on intersemiotic translation to interpret verbal signs using signs of nonverbal sign systems.  And yet, while other reflexes of thought are interrogated and revealed as situated knowledge, the assumption that cultural differences are bridged easily and transparently remains undisturbed.  How can we critically engage with and pay more attention to the processes of such bridging?  How can we problematize conceptions that render translation as objective and value-free?  The effects of translation are felt both in the domestic and the foreign cultures, as, on the one hand, translation wields enormous power in the construction and representation of foreign entity, and on the other hand, translation enlists the foreign text in the development and revision of domestic values.
Because meaning is an effect of relations and differences among signifiers along a potentially endless chain in the Derridean sense, it is always differential and deferred, never present as an original unity.  As a result, a translated text (cultural artifact) is the site of many different semantic possibilities that are fixed only provisionally in a certain translation based on varying cultural assumptions and interpretive choices, in specific social situations, in different historical periods.
Situating our inquiry in the crossings of the dominant post-Soviet culture in Armenia, queer spaces, and translation as a mode of subversion, we propose an examination of “foreign” or “queer” texts and cultural objects that violate, disrupt and revise dominant conceptual paradigms, research methodologies, and cultural practices in the parameters of the familiar, at home.  Coming from a slightly different angle, translation as a method of defamiliarization can be compared to the Butlerian conception of drag, which in its performativity complicates, parodies, and denaturalizes “reality” and its norms that standardize gender and sexuality.  The purpose of such translation is to expose that what we come to understand to be “real,” “original,” or naturalized is, in fact, a changeable and revisable reality.
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New Presentation: “Disordered or Just Different? Myth, Science, and Sexuality”

The theme of this conference is: “Dangerous Nonsense - Exploring the Gulf between Science and its Impostors.”

This theme is the context for her talk entitled “Disordered or Just Different? Myth, Science, and Sexuality” that will focus on the scientific evidence on core sexuality obtained over the last fifty years and the medical profession’s treatment of intersex, homosexual, and transsexual peoples.

Here’s a conference description and schedule:

The Center For Inquiry/Chicago First Annual Spring Conference:
Dangerous Nonsense: Exploring the Gulf between Science and its Impostors

Saturday, April 24th, 2010


8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

111 E. Wacker Drive, Chicago 60601
26th Floor - Conference Room
Bunkum grows like a weed in American culture - whether it's climate change denial, conspiracy theories, or healing by prayer.  Some ideas are not only nonsense, they are dangerous nonsense, with serious implications for our lives.  In this age where misinformation can be spread more easily than ever before, understanding the role of the scientific process in human affairs is critical to our survival.  This conference will present top scientists in biology, physiology, and physics, each of them gifted at explaining both the science and its impostors of their respective fields. 
Join them and gain valuable insight into exploring the world through science and reason.
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Chicago feminist sex ed paper focuses on LGBTQ students’ needs

I recently received this interesting and, of course, incredibly flattering letter, and offered to give the project more publicity by publishing the letter to my blog. (Which isn’t to say that I need flattery to give good projects publicity, but I am human, you know?) I’ve already connected Stephanie with some people who can help her, but if you know anyone else who can, or are in a position to assist with her project yourself — or are simply interested and want to be kept informed of its process! — then you should totally email her: [ sgoldfarb at luc dot edu ].

Dear Clarisse,

My name is Stephanie Goldfarb and I am a graduate student at Loyola University. I am currently working on a research project that is focused on assessing the Chicago Public School’s sex/health education system. Specifically, I am interested in learning whether or not this system meets the needs of LGBT students. I also aim to formulate a working definition of “feminist sex/health” education. Though this will ultimately be a 25-30 page paper, it may evolve into my Masters thesis. As a leader in the sex positive community in Chicago, I thought it might be good to ask your opinions on this matter. Also, I am currently on the search for primary documents (such as CPS sex education curriculum and/or lesson plans) and I wonder if you might be able to point me in a good direction. Some of the articles on your wordpress site, especially “Liberal, sex-positive sex education: what’s missing” might be approved as primary sources for me, so I might end up citing you. Anyway, thank you for all the incredible work you do Clarisse. You are truly inspiring, and the sex positive community is beyond lucky to have you organizing, writing, and speaking out about the issues that are important to us.

- Stephanie Goldfarb
Loyola University Chicago
MSW / MA Women’s Studies Gender Studies Candidate
sgoldfarb at luc dot edu

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Call for Submissions: FEMME 2010

Femme Collective presents
August 20th-22nd
Oakland, CA

Hello Fabulous Femmes and Allies!

The Femme Collective is proud to announce Femme2010: NO RESTRICTIONS.  Building off of Femme2006 and Femme2008, Femme2010: No Restrictions (August 20-22, 2010 in Oakland, CA) continues to explore, discuss, dissect, and support Queer Femme. 

The weekend will include workshops, panels, presentations, performances, film, and art.  We invite people of all genders who are interested in a deeper understanding of Femme, as well as all self-identified Femmes who want to learn, teach, connect, and build community geared towards social change.

In this newsletter meet our new steering committee members, check out our Call for Submissions, learn about our registration rates, check out our host hotel!

Join us this August in Oakland for this groundbreaking event.  Please forward to your personal networks and help us get the word out!

The Femme Collective

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ILGA-Europe: New materials on Transpersons' rights

Two posters on the rights of trans people


Transgender people and the Gender Recast Directive - Implementation Guidelines

The aim of these Guidelines is to provide an introduction to the content of the Gender Recast Directive and an overview of the jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice, and their relevance for trans people living in the European Union. These Guidelines are also designed to give guidance on how to improve the implementation of the Gender Recast Directive vis-a-vis gender identity, and to ensure equality for all trans people in the countries where the Directive is applicable.

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Call for Submissions: International Girl Gang Underground Zine

THE INTERNATIONAL GIRL GANG UNDERGROUND compilation zine aims to document and dissect how Riot Grrrl's legacy has manifested twenty years later, as well as provide guidance for those who want to transform "revolution girl style now!" into "REVOLUTION GIRL STYLE FOREVER!"

If Riot Grrrl doesn't resonate with you or your cause, that's okay! We also want to know about all the do-it-yourself, grassroots music movements currently being run by women/girls/trans/genderqueer/queer folks today.

We want your submissions!  Talking points include, but are not limited to:

  • ESSAYS ON...
    • What would a modern-day "Riot Grrrl manifesta" look like?
    • The successes and failures of Riot Grrrl and what we've learned from them
    • Your experience as an immigrant grrrl, genderf**king boy, revolutionary pornographer, Muslimah punk, working class queer, etc
    • What was your experience as a Riot Grrrl in the '90s?
    • What's going on in your community that supports feminist & queer DIY musicians today?
    • Scene reports from regional DIY music scenes that traditionally are lady- and queer-friendly (London, Berlin, NYC, or your town)
    • Individuals who are making a difference--musicians, activists, writers, whomever!
    • "Where are they now?" (Riot Grrrl edition)
  • HOW-TO...
    • "Get off the Internet and meet in the street"
    • Reclaim feminism for the 4th wave
    • Organize conferences, protests, benefits, etc
    • Combat the "dude-first" mentality of your music scene
    • Use new technologies to organize effectively
    • Start a band/go on tour/create a zine/etc
    • Create spaces for working class, POC, international and rural women and queers
    • We're creating a directory for the International Girl Gang Underground--send along info on your project to be included!
  • ART...
    • Print, digital, audio, video, whatever--so long as it's in an easily rendered format for a black & white zine or can be included on an accompanying CD-R for distribution, we want it!
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Call For Submissions: Queering Sexual Violence

Queering Sexual Violence

An LGBTQ Anthology Call For Submissions


An anthology of LGBTQ writers, survivors and activists confronting heterosexual privilege and the gender binary system while creating a dialog about the limitations of the anti-sexual violence movement in hopes of creating change.

Edited by Jennifer Patterson.

Queering Sexual Violence seeks 20-25 LGBTQ writers who are interested in submitting pieces that confront the current state of our anti-sexual violence climate. Part memoir / part criticism / part call to action, this anthology seeks to address the limitations of a society that is not only unequipped to deal with rape culture but also unable to look at it without the lens of heterosexual privilege and through the interests of a gender binary system.  The anthology seeks to destroy the image of the "perfect survivor" and motivate the anti-sexual violence community to embrace a more radical perspective in order to foster sustainable change.

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IGLHRC: International LGBTI Activist Institutes

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission's Activist Institutes are two-week-long training spaces and are each attended by 20-25 LGBTI activists. IGLHRC has held five international LGBTI activist institutes since 2005.

The theme of each Institute is chosen by activists who have attended the trainings, focusing on particular groups or challenges and considering the needs of a community.

Below, find the Memoirs of the past three Institutes, detailing their programmes and methods. They also share activists' experiences and the information presented at each Institute, so that the Memoirs can be adapted or used by other activists and groups.

IGLHRC will soon make each of these reports available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Memoirs of Past Institutes:

Memoir of Training Institute for Trans and Intersex Activists
La Falda, Cordoba, Argentine – 2005
Spanish · English · Portuguese

Memoir of Training Institute for Lesbian and Bisexual Women from Central American and Caribbean

San Jose de Costa Rica – 2007
Spanish · English · Portuguese

Memoir of Training Institute "Strategies to Address Religious Fundamentalisms"

Guarulhos, Sao Paulo – 2008
Spanish · English · Portugese

This video contains images from IGLHRC's 2008 Latin American Advocacy Institute on combating religious fundamentalisms.

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Call Out: Design 2010 Dyke March Chicago T-Shirt & Flyer

Chicago Dyke March Collective is Looking for Local Artists!

Are you interested in designing the 2010 Chicago Dyke March T-Shirt Design and Flyler?

The 2010 Chicago Dyke March is taking in place in the South Shore/Jackson Park Community located on the south east side of Chicago.  We are looking for local artists with southside influences to submit a design for our t-shirts, flyers and additional materials that will be printed to promote the 2010 March.  Please visit us on facebook or check out our website for information and to view past year designs

Please submit designs, concepts or ideas to: by March 21, 2010 Please fell free to contact us with any questions.

“We move to create visibility, to honor our histories and identities, to disrupt oppression and dominance, to challenge silence and fear, because we are everywhere, because we must survive”

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