Dear Ann Romney

Dear Ann Romney,

Hello! Recently you have been out in the public telling folks that you understand the struggles of women. Women in America that are not you.That you love the mother that has no choice but to work. Your quote does not seem any better in context. And yet, in your national tour, you still do not understand me.

You and me, we have some things in common. We are both women in America. We both suffer the indignities of living in a culture that is still short of valuing either of us as equals. We are both mothers in a culture that does not value the work of raising our young.


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Senegal: Release the four men arrested in Darou Mousty for homosexuality

The arrest, detention and conviction because of alleged homosexuality is contrary to the rights of freedom against discrimination, equality before the law and to privacy.
The problem:

On 19 June 2009, four men were arrested and detained by police in the town of Darou Mousty, located in the department of Kébémer in the region of Louga. These four men were arrested because of allegations of sexual acts "against nature". There are also indications that the police forced the men to reveal the names of other supposed "homosexual." The week of 10 August 2009, two of these men were convicted despite the fact that the only evidence was the reporting of city dwellers. A man was sentenced to two years in prison and the other a penalty of five years. A third accused, who has seventeen years, still awaits trial on 24 August 2009 in a court for minors. The status of the fourth is unknown.

Senegal, according to Article 319 of the Penal Code, is one of few French-speaking countries that criminalize homosexuality. Last year, nine members of AID Senegal were arrested and sentenced to eight years in prison for 'indecent conduct and acts against nature "and" conspiracy ". The Court of Appeal in Dakar has quashed the sentences in April 2009.
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Marriage Equality In Maine

This wonderful new ad, promoting decency and equality is out.  Please help keep the bigots and haters from stealing humanity in Maine, like they did in California.

Contact Protect Maine Equality at their website.  They can also be contacted at:

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