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Response Ability For Wellness

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Something For Every Body

By Millie Jackson

Despite our diversity, that we all have a physical body is an indisputable component of our shared humanity.  Our bodies are the amazing vehicles with which we experience life on this beautiful planet.  The state of our wellness greatly determines how enjoyable and productive our journey can be.  When I talk about wellness, I am referring to the totality of our being—our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.  I share from my 22 years of experience doing Massage Therapy, Wellness Consulting, and Reiki.  I draw upon my own journey of improving my health, shedding over 55 excess pounds and from my on-going recovery from a car accident just over 2 years ago.   I also offer insight from an empathic and intuitive perspective.

I have a genuine passion for teaching others how to achieve greater states of wellness.  My strategies are simple and can be done by anyone.  I have taken an approach that not only addresses my body’s physical needs but also explores thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors that underlie my physicality.  I see our body and its physical symptoms as metaphors for who we are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well as physically.

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Where does a relationship go after swinging?

The other day it hit me, at what point does the relationship change from a "swinging" one, to something else? and at what is the something else?

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Better Latent Than Never

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The Heart of Polyamory

By Millie Jackson

I am sure that there are more polyamorists than we can ever know.  Considering the risk of persecution for openly living this love-style of consensual multi-partner relating, most poly people are not lining up to be counted.  Consequently, polyamorists have been called the last sexual minority still in the closet, but how in the minority are we really?

Aside from innumerable closeted polyamorists, there is a good possibility that some people who are unfaithful within monogamous relationships are naturally polyamorous and are struggling with the commitment issues and sexual boundaries of monogamy.  How about serial monogamists who inevitably become interested in someone else and end the established relationship to pursue a new one?  What about some bisexuals who go back and forth between male and female lovers as they try to balance an attraction to men and women while maintaining a monogamous existence?

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Dispelling the Myths


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The Heart of Polyamory

By Millie Jackson

Being polyamorous is not determined by how many relationships someone has, but is defined by the capacity to be in love with more than one person at a time.  How polyamory translates into someone’s life can look very different from one person to the next, but polyamorists tend to agree that it espouses the tenets of honesty and consensuality practiced ethically.

When people talk about their objections to polyamory they often describe scenarios that are not polyamorous, usually referring to someone being dishonest with lovers or misleading prospective partners.  The problems they portray always come down to some unethical behavior like lying, manipulation or violating agreements.  If it is not honest, ethical and consensual, then it’s not polyamory.

Although many people automatically make unfounded assumptions, learning that someone is polyamorous reveals nothing about that person’s life-style, sexual orientation, (past, present or future) relationship dynamics, approach to sex, etc.  Polyamorists are a melting pot of diversity.  By design, how polyamorists choose to structure relationships is up to them and their partners and is very individualistic.

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Boyfriend Quest: Defining Your Vision


“Why can’t I sustain a relationship for more than two months?” “Aren’t there any decent guys out there?” These are common questions raised by many single gay men describing their frustration and hopelessness with their dating quests for true “boyfriend material.” Trapped in vicious cycles of unfulfilling dating experiences, many gay men begin to feel powerless, disappointed, disillusioned, and jaded. Not only do they begin to lose confidence, but they can even start to succumb to the dangerous stereotypical myth that long-term gay relationships are not possible. Vision is one sure-fire way to short-circuit this belief and create opportunities for getting what you most want.

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A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To The Polyamory Movie

Recently, I attended Clarisse Thorn's Sex+++ Film Series at Hull House in Chicago.  This feature was a film on polyamory, entitled: When Two Won't Do.  The film is a documentary created by two people exploring polyamory for themselves.  There was a discussion group afterward.  The response to this film series has been overwhelming and Tuesday was no exception, with upwards of 70 people crammed into a room that expected maybe 40.

I do not practice "poly" and am largely ignorant of it.  My initial brief exposure to the subject so far, was when my wife asked me what I thought about it.  She attends a lot of Sc-Fi / Fantasy events and poly is well rooted in those communities.  My initial reaction was panic!  I thought my wife had met someone or that I was no good in bed or some tragedy...that centered around me.  (Typical Aries male response, I must confess) Since then, I have had a great deal more adult and measured conversations with my wife.  It turns out, she really wanted to only know my opinion on the topic and was inviting me into a real conversation.  Oops.

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What’s Love Got to Do With It?

The Heart of Polyamory

By Millie Jackson

I admit that I am an idealist who believes that love can save the world.  I agree with Jimmi Hendrix who said, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will finally know peace.”   As a polyamorist, I am thrilled to be involved in a paradigm shift that expands our capacity to give and receive love.

So, what does polyamory have to do with love?  The literal translation means “many loves”, and it is the concept of being open to having more than one intimate relationship at a time with knowledge and consent of all partners involved.  Considered to be a love-style more than a life-style, polyamory (often simply called “poly”) views love as an abundant resource.

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Intimacy on wheels and batteries.

This week, I attended another screening at Clarisse Thorn's Sex+++ Film Series at Jane Addams' Hull House in Chicago.  Two documentary films were featured.  The first one, "Sex, Disability & Videotape" (Beyondmedia Education) was about women from age 16 -24 with disabilities claiming and exploring their self image, self worth and sexuality.  The second feature, "Orgasmic Women" (Marianna Beck) is a film of 13 women interviewed about masturbation, with demonstrations.

I did not initially sense how these two films would pair with each other around any central theme or related conversation.  The first film was about a group called Empowered Fe Fes, which is a support group for young women with disabilities.  The film focused on two relationship conversations.

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