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The Orgasm

Women and orgasms haven’t always been synonymous with sex. Tons of studies released have shown that the majority of sexually active women do NOT regularly have an orgasm. This is astonishing to me. How is this possible? Well, first, it’s not necessary in procreation that women have an orgasm. Secondly, one doesn’t achieve an orgasm simply by penetration as many sources contend (romance novels love to portray a woman’s climax from penetration only).

My purpose in writing this post isn’t to instruct in some detached clinical sense, how a women can achieve an orgasm (I mean seriously, buy a vibrator already). I am attempting to refute the recent notion presented in several different articles, that the orgasm isn’t necessary to good sex and that an orgasm is actually unhealthy. I also contend that the notion that sex(the great kind WITHOUT an orgasm) should always lead to a close, long-lasting, heteronormative relationship is harmful to women specifically, as they are encouraged to forgo their own pleasure in lieu of some far-fetched hope for a serious relationship (i.e.- marriage).

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A matrimonial website for transsexual community launched

CHENNAI - Members of transsexual community in Chennai launched the world’s first matrimonial website for their clan. 

A Chennai based transgender Kalki is the director and the founder of the website,, which is one of first websites in the world for transsexual marriages.

Kalki said that the reason why she thought of launching this website was because the profiles of the members of the transsexual community were being rejected by popular matrimonial websites.

“Some of the transsexual ladies wanted to upload their profiles on the popular matrimonial websites in the country and few of them even tried but their profiles were rejected because of the gender identity because they were not the biological women and that is the discrimination. So we wanted to take it in our own hands,” said Kalki.

Transsexuals in India are commonly referred to as ‘hijras’ and often do not fit easily into society.

But widespread superstitions have also accorded them a certain amount of fearful respect, while a handful has been elected to public office.

Singing and dancing bands of sari-clad hijras will often appear, invited or otherwise, at weddings and at the blessing ceremonies of newborn babies. (ANI)

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Marriage Equality In Maine

This wonderful new ad, promoting decency and equality is out.  Please help keep the bigots and haters from stealing humanity in Maine, like they did in California.

Contact Protect Maine Equality at their website.  They can also be contacted at:

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Bridezilla and Back from the Dead


I would like to apologize to all of my readers for my long and sudden absence. I had thought that I might need to take some time off for the whole business of getting married, but the intensity of the bridal-to-do list and an injury sneaked up on me quite suddenly, and left me without any backlog to post during this stressful summer.

But now that I am so close to being legally married and starting to get my life back (i.e. writing again), I would like to address the great archetype of Bridezilla. Because for the over-a-year that I've been engaged, people have loved to tell me Bridezilla stories, or ask me whether I've "yet" become Bridezilla. Bridezillas are on reality TV all day and all night, seven days a week. And yes, obviously, the ubiquitous TV brides sobbing and shrieking at their closest loved are easy to despise, which makes them great for reality-TV. But what the producers of those shows don't often admit is that most of these women have spent the last year of their lives listening to sexist, heterosexist stories about Bridezilla, repeating again and again that all women really want to be is a princess-bride, and all princess-brides are crazy. Self-fulfilled prophecy, anyone?

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Betty Bowers explains Marriage in the Bible

 I love this lady, I really do.  She makes even the most arbitrary collection of gobbledygook and delusional ravings of sun-cooked lunatics seem like the mere simplistic hypocrisy that it is.

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Slippery-Slope Poly Marriage? Some Realities

Let the weirdos have gay marriage, and next they'll want poly threesome marriages, and next they'll be marrying goats...

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Should gays and lesbians be able to marry?!?!

Warning: This may be a soap box kind of diary entry... it's a diary entry afterall, I can say what I want :P

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Everyone's a doctor--er, anthropologist

I feel called to congratulate 52% of the state of California on their admirable accomplishment; they have succeeded, in jus

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Why Would You Get Married?

For the last going-on-three years, my lovers and I have identified as polyamorous. Although I had only learned the word "polyamorous" two years earlier when I found the BDSM community, and I find that most people outside alternate-sexuality communities still haven't heard it. And explaining my whole "weird" philosophy every time both of my lovers come up in conversation gets long-winded and awkwardly personal. So I've discovered that more people recognize the term "open relationship." Not everyone has read The Ethical Slut, but "open relationships" are "normal" enough. I'm in an "open relationship" and then the conversation can move on.

Which was simple enough - until my "primary partner" and I announced that we were going to get married.

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Where does a relationship go after swinging?

The other day it hit me, at what point does the relationship change from a "swinging" one, to something else? and at what is the something else?

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