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Behind The Benevolent Facade Of Eugenics, A Genocidal Monster Lurks!

Most of us know the biblical legend of Adam and Eve. Eve, being the wife of Adam, made from Adam's rib and created (at least according to the patriarchal fairy tale) subservient to Adam. Not many people actually are aware that Eve was God's second attempt. That's right - Adam, the first man, was a divorcee. (So much for the so-called sanctity of marriage, James Dobson.) Adam's first wife was Lilith - and Lilith unlike Eve, was created equal with Adam - but she questioned the authority supposedly given Adam over her by God. And she didn't like the idea of a life in servitude. And who among us today can blame her? Because of Adam's treatment of her, she rebelled - making her the very first feminist - and human rights activist!

Consequently, Lilith is often regarded as a heroine for feminists. Lilith, for her pains and for daring to challenge Adam's patriarchal position as head of "the family", was ostracized by God, and chased out of Eden. According to lore and myth, both ancient Hebrew and Mesopotamian, Lilith was turned into a night-demon - and among other things, has been called the "mother of all Vampires". (Now there's one for the Twilight fans!)

But it seems that today even, the spirit of rebellion and the desire for equal and fair treatment has not been entirely expunged from womanhood - that the feminine is still not entirely what some men may desire or view as the "perfect woman" - a robot unable to think for herself, who should not be allowed to dream, achieve and to compete equally with the male of the species, which clearly is incapable of coping with the reality that many women today really need a man like a fish needs a bicycle (thank you, Virginia Woolf).

And God forbid that the subject of homosexuality and transgenderism should ever come up! Those of us who dare to forsake male privilege, challenge it - or reject male advances for the feminine, are viewed as nothing less than an "abomination" and a threat to their maniacal quest for domination of the world.
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