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I'm seeing the Lesbian Relationship Myths I just want the Truth!

So where did we leave off? Yes, mixed messages, dysfunctional thinking, fear of abandonment, and insecurities, the perfect recipe for an unhappy self and unhealthy relationship. So how do we change?

How do I move past this and into something healthy. Lets look at four more myths and then work on soothing and healing the wounds from within.

When people hear the word healing they begin to assume that it means to be happy all the time. Do you know anyone that is happy all the time? (and not because they are on something that's making it so)

Myth- that in order "to make a relationship work I have to be happy all the time," and make things agreeable for my partner. Well that works if your Super Woman and you have an endless supply of energy. However, if your like me, a mortal with ups and downs then acceptance is the key.

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Mentally Ill

Assume for a moment that I were to commit a crime of passion - say in true Colombine fashion I were to walk into a shopping mall or a high school carrying a shotgun, and start pumping - or if I were to start playing "Carmageddon" for real. Would I be considered "sane"? What do you think, huh?  Would I make a good case for a shrink to make his career with?  Would I be justified in making an insanity plea in court?

Would I?

What do you think my chances are?

Some people like to claim that transsexuality is a "mental disorder" - and as a case in point, while advocacy and human rights organizations and many, many psych professionals around the world are trying to get transsexuality removed from the list of mental disorders, a particularly nasty group of shrinks is trying to entrench us in the next edition of the Manual.

In other words, according to them, I am mentally ill.  Yet I am not on any medication, not having any counseling, not locked away in a padded cell - and I live a full, productive and happy life - but am supposedly "mentally ill" just because of being transsexual. 

Yet at the same time transsexuals have to go through a strenuous evaluation process to qualify for HRT and surgery - paradoxically to establish that they are in fact NOT mentally ill.  That's right, if you manifest signs of bipolar disorder, or personality disorders and in some countries, even severe clinical depression, you are disqualified.  So in other words, we are just perfectly sane and healthy enough to know that we want surgery - but just "mentally ill" enough to need it.  How does that make me feel?  Just peachy, thanks doc.  Tell me about your mother, lol.
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