mind-brain relationship

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"Got Brainz?" - dualism, reductive materialism & free will

One of my favorite vloggers, ZOMGitsChriss, posted this last week.  She's got a keen mind and a wonderful sense of humor.  I first spotted her, debunking creationists a while back in The Origin of Stupidity.  She's done a lot of creationist bashing, which you can find on her youtube channel as well.  She participated in a nice piece on sex workers' rights and feminism, Making Sex Work.  She also started reviewing movies on another channel.  You can find her analysis of the latest Twilight film, here.  You can find her on twitter: @zomgitschriss.

This episode is a good review of how the mind works and exists as well as the conclusions people declare about consciouness.  As usual, her opinions are not disguised and her humorous touches do not disappoint.  She cycles through the basic points of the discussion of mind and brain, with examples of how they are explained by religion and science.  She also discusses the subject of free will, which is part and parcel with brain function and mind operations.  Enjoy.


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