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Ladyfest Edinburgh

What is Ladyfest?

It is a global celebration of women in the arts, culture and society. The first Ladyfest was held in Olympia WA, USA in 2000 and since then hundreds of festivals across the world have been organised under the Ladyfest banner.

Every Ladyfest is unique, and organised by local women, using their own ideas and priorities. The festivals are often influenced by Riot Grrrl and/or DIY culture.

Ladyfest Edinburgh

Ladyfest Edinburgh is a non-profit, community based festival designed by and for women to showcase the women's artistic talents across all artforms including visual arts, poetry, literature, music, dance, performance and comedy. Each year the group create an alternative cultural space for the creative expression of women. The events are predominantly women-run but all are welcome to attend. By providing an arts space, we aim build up strong links within the local community, working with a diverse range of individuals and already established groups across Edinburgh and the surrounding area.

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Filthy cuts - open thread

I had my house mix going today and got on a roll with filthy, nasty cuts.  Maybe it's because my wife's been out of town for 7 weeks or something.  But, I'm gettin' kinda frisky over here. 

I thought I could start an open thread with some nasty, sex themed tunes.  I am not much for wading into something timidly.  So, I figured I'd dive straight for the good stuff. 

Let's start with one of the great one, "French Kiss" by Lil' Louis:  

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Rhythm is a lady! Introducing Famba

Every now and then, something wonderful and beautiful happens.  The diversity of life is not a concept, but a brilliant expression of creation and joy.  I got followed on twitter about 30 minutes ago by @FambaGent.  I looked them up and found a Belgian, Lesbian, Feminist Samba band. 

Hell to the yeah!

Here is their bio from their web page (translated):

Famba currently consists of 25 committed and loving women who enjoy making music together. Famba has members of all ages and types from Ghent, Mechelen, Roeselare, Lier, ....

The group was created because some friends found that lesbians weren't visible enough at demonstrations and events. At the start, the group comprised seven women. Our enthusiasm was contagious: women came and went and now we have a 20+. We are all lesbian or bisexual and in one way or another socially conscious.

Percussion-training academies we don't have. But practice makes perfect and our two weekly rehearsals disciplined under expert supervision bore fruit soon. If you invite Famba, you can expect beautiful and compelling rhythms and great ambiance.

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When the body is music

(Image courtesy of Crammed Disc and Staff Benda Bilili)

I have been listening for conversations about people with disabilities who are speaking up about their experiences in claiming their own identity on their own terms and not society's.  Empowering organizations, advocacy and rights groups or websites, writers and anyone in between. 

Today, I found a website called The New Internationalist.  I posted a couple things from them already and was happy to add them to my bookmark file.  I was about to leave the site, happy in my previous discoveries, when I stumbled upon something in the 'mixed media' section of the site, that just rocked my world: Staff Benda Bilili. 

There is nothing more beautiful to me than the human spirit, conveyed through music - guided by emotion instead of demographics.  I don't want to buy from the 'record industry' because they found a way to call something 'music' and sell it to me.  I want to feel the industry of a person's life, played out in the space where their body meets the musical instrument or it becomes the instrument.  I don't need to know the language of the song, to hear the soul of the singer. 

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