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The Largest Sex Survey Since the 90's Shows Some Changes in How We Have Sex

In 1994 the book Sex in America

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    Polyamory in the News

    My latest quarterly update....

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    Boys Will Be Boys

    My mind just exploded.

    I knew I was in for a treat when I clicked on an article from Newsweek titled “Boys Will Be Boys”. I immediately thought “what excuses will be made for men this week?”. Sure enough it took all of three sentences to get this gem:

    “IT WAS A CLASSIC MARS-VENUS encounter.  Only in this case, the woman was from Harvard and the man--well, boy--was a 4-year-old at a suburban Boston nursery school.  Graduate student Judy Chu was in his classroom last fall to gather observations for her doctoral dissertation on human development. His greeting was startling: he held up his finger as if it were a gun and pretended to shoot her. ""I felt bad,'' Chu recalls. ""I felt as if he didn't like me.''  Months later and much more boy-savvy, Chu has a different interpretation: the gunplay wasn't hostile--it was just a way for him to say hello.”

    A four year old boy is simulating violence with a gun and the grad student thinks he doesn’t like her and then explains it away by saying “well , it’s how he says hello”………………………………………


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    CNBC's "Porn: Business of Pleasure"


    Talk to anyone about it and you will find an opinion.  Good.  Bad.  Whatever.  For every reason is a personal opinion.  CNBC does a nice job of looking at the industry and trying to size up its impact, design, marketing and overall health as a business model.  This show aired two nights ago and is available now on Hulu.

    Kathee Brewer did a nice write up on this show, over at

    Estimated to generate more than $13 billion in annual revenue, the adult entertainment industry long was thought to be recession-proof. However, the internet and other technologies have eroded some of the industry’s traditional economic stability, and porn now seems to be suffering along with every other business during the current global downturn.

    “The porn industry has changed technology and can be found in millions of homes, hotel rooms and hard drives across the country,” according to an announcement at “BUT, the business is facing economic challenges. It’s under assault, and not just from the many critics who see it as socially corroding, degrading to women and a risk to the young.” 

    If you would like to understand the business of porn / adult content in greater detail, then this show is a good resource.  If you are looking for an affirmation of why porn is either good or bad, then it may not be so useful to you.


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    Morning News Mop

    From Alternet, Ester Amy Fischer writes, My Life As a 'Craigslist Hooker': Why We Need Smart Policy About Sex Work, which not only calls for a "rational discourse about sex work.", but also offers a very personal and human perspective of the author's own experience with Craigslist Erotic Services:

    On Wed. May 13, Craigslist announced that it will shut down its erotic services section, marking the end of an era. With the negative publicity generated by the Craigslist Killer and a stampede of outraged attorney generals calling for its demise, Craigslist Erotic Services will be no more. This is a requiem. And a plea for a rational discourse about sex work.


     I didn't hawk my wares on Craigslist Erotic Services for terribly long, less than a year all told. And while I understand that this is not every woman's experience of being a sex worker, for me at that time in my life, it was liberating in certain ways. It made me feel relaxed with my body and allowed me to be experimental with my appetites. It liberated me from a part of myself that always tied or sought to tie sex to a deep emotional connection. It gave me insight into men and male sexuality that I hadn't had before.

    But one thing it never gave me was the answer to a few burning questions:

    Why can't we as a society have a rational, meaningful discourse about sex work, embracing all its nuances and contradictions?

    How can work which never once made me feel exploited, injure and exploit so many other women?

    Why does sex work seem to raise so many people's moral hackles, when what they should be angry about are the class distinctions which never once made me feel exploited?

    And finally, why do we think that something which has never gone away can be eradicated by legislation or censorship?


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    Morning News Mop

    Another Transgender shooting in Memphis, as covered by the Tenn. Transgender Political Coalition. 

    We were contacted by a reporter with Channel 3 (WREG-TV) who provided a copy of an affidavit of a shooting that occurred in South Memphis on Wednesday, May 27.  The man arrested for the shooting, Terron Taylor, told police that he did it because the victim “misrepresented his gender.”

    The victim, identified as Kelvin Denton, is in critical condition after being shot in the nose and throat.

    At this point, we do not know any details about Denton’s life, but regardless, we abhor this sort of violence for any reason.  Our thoughts and prayers of everyone in the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition go out to Kelvin, family and friends, for a speedy recovery.

    We urge Shelby County authorities to prosecute Taylor aggressively and not permit the use of the trans-panic defense.

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    Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

    You know the deal: Tell us what you've done this week. 

    We want to know...we really do. 

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    Open thread and data dump 5-19-09


    Lincoln Journal Star - Omaha couple to allow 8-year-old to live as girl.

    OMAHA, Neb. — A west Omaha couple says their 8-year-old son has asked for years to wear dresses and change his name, so they’re enrolling him in a new school where he can live openly as a girl.

    The parents say their middle child is transgender, and he’s asked to be called a girl since age 4.
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    Open thread and data dump

    I am always looking for information to post that will advance postitive and respectful conversations about sex, gender, body.  I have placed an email on the top of the website, below the search window.  If you have something that you would like people to know about, then send it along.

    Here are some things I found to be interesting. 

    The 2009 National LGBTI Health Summit - This is happening right here in Chicago and will be attending and live-blogging.  If anyone wants to meet here and be interviewed by sgb, then please contact the site via the address at the top of the page.

    The 2009 National LGBTI Health Summit is dedicated to preserving and improving the emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, and social health and wellness of LGBTI people, who continue to experience significant health disparities because of our sexual orientations and/or gender identities.

    The Bi Health Summit, scheduled for August 14, 2009, preludes the LGBTI Health Summit and will bring together professionals, advocates, activists, and allies of bisexual health concerns for updates on the field, movement-building, and strategizing about future directions and collaborations. The Bi Health Summit will be both a concentrated event and a broader presence within the LGBTI Health Summit. Please click here for more info on the Bi Health summit.

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