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Greg Oden Still Deserves Respect and Support of Rip City

By now the entire city (the entire nation most likely) has either seen or heard about the nude pictures posted online of the Portland Trail Blazers’ #1 draft pick Greg Oden. They were flat, tabloid style, internet quality,  mirror and cell pictures that garnered an immediate and outrageous reaction from fans, local and national media alike. At first glance, I saw a fairly unremarkable penis. However, for those of us that were up early enough, one could practically hear Portland’s collective hearts drop: another Greg Oden problem and another tragic circumstance to add to the list. Right after “Tragedy: 579874398745986: Brandon Roy sustains recurring and nagging injury-Sidelined Indefinitely” we can now add, “Tragedy: 579874398745987: Greg Oden has nude pics all over the internet and beyond”.  
For many Blazer fans this is the last straw. 
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So You Want to LOOK at SEX?

posted by Victoria's Sex Blog

Sex means so many things to so many different people. For some, it's just a game, for others, it's private and sacred. For some it's an obsession, for others, a duty. Unfortunately, for many, good sex is too often just an unfulfillable fantasy and even more often we heavy-duty thinkers come to prefer our fantasies to reality when we feel unable to act on the dreams. My wish has always been that sex be a very real, respectful celebration of intimacy between people who truly care about each other... which does not exclude wild fun! 

What would happen if we took the focus on sex out of our minds and brought it into our bodies, then what? Would it result in uncontrollable, unmitigated debauchery? That is too often the instant conclusion we come to in “modern” society. Sex is most often equated with corruption, like nudity – especially in children - is automatically connected to exploitation. News flash everyone! WE ARE ALL NAKED UNDER OUR CLOTHES!!! Every single one of us: priest, nurse, clown, prostitute or rocket scientist… so why do we continue to make nudity and sexuality such negatively-connotated “sins”? Because we only focus on the abuse, not the beauty. Of course there are lots of historical reasons, too, but in this media-driven society sex sells, and that’s pretty much the only way that nudity and sexuality are ever treated,  especially visually -  to sell. Something. Anything. Everything.

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Prudes in the Locker Room

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In the September 2009 issue of Marie Claire, we found an article (in the Health section no less) called "Bare Naked Ladies" that made us roll our eyes and clench our fists in slut-shamey annoyance. And no, it had nothing to do with the rock band.

Put your clothes on already! Lea Goldman gets exercised about public displays of undress in the locker room.

That's right... she's offended by people getting naked in a locker room! We figured there had to be more to the story than just nudity... Apparently we were right. It's not just nudity that bothers Ms. Goldman, but shameless nudity... because everyone know nudity should be shameful.

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Naked in the Bush

by Judith Brisson

I spent some time in Nature this week, a respite from the break-neck rhythm of the city that slows only in the wee hours. Something about being in Nature makes me want to rip of my clothes, and roll, like Margret Atwood’s heroine in Survival, in the clean filth of leaves and mud.

It’s an instinct I felt the first time I moved to the countryside as a young mother. Never having truly inhabited the forest before, I would sneak out of the house when things were quiet and disappear into my secret, sacred moss-covered spot where I would strip down to my bare essence and sit on a rock. It took a few weeks before I understood this compulsion: it was the expression my desire to fully connect with the natural world around me.

It was if the natural world had its own set of eyes free from comparisons, judgments and assessments of the sort that one feels when walking into a Gamercy Park party dressed in gardener’s clothes. One yearns to be engulfed and caressed by the gentle brushing of leaves, washed by the tender drizzle of rain and not ranked by brands, labels and looks.

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Reflections on the Motivations of a Sympathetic Witness and the Male Nude

By Judith Brisson

Ironically, thirty years later, I probably have a more positive bodily self-image than I did then. My skin was a lot thinner in my twenties and careless or cruel comments more easily left their marks. I’m not implying that all is well in that lobe of the mind – my bodily self-consciousness I believe is ineluctably tied into the corporate political economy and the use of the youthful female form as a primary vehicle for promotion in advertising houses.

Yes I’m something of a sell-out: I mask my aging with products chemical and textile, supporting the corresponding aspects of the economy with plenty of my hard-earned dough and endangering my health in the process. Phthalates and poisoned rabbit eyes float around in my guilty un-conscience. I do it to circulate more fluidly – that is less self-consciously - in a youthful world, where I happen to spend a lot of time. Unlike many traditions from around the globe, age can be easily sidelined in our culture.

At least that’s the rationale I mentally employ as I while away my time pursuing the numerous high-maintenance tasks of the middle-aged woman. But the real reason is more insidious than that: my theory is that corporate composite of the female image eats away at my self-esteem, constantly reminding me of my numerous flaws by means of an endless array of mechanisms larger than life, including posting building-sized images of fourteen year-olds in designer pants slung low enough to expose pubic hair (if there were any to be seen).

It’s something of a comparison game that takes place at some sub-conscious level later on when I am alone with my body and contemplating its shortcomings.  In a search to understand my compulsion to focus on body image, I document, alongside collaborator Colette Coughlin, the struggles of men in maintaining a healthy and positive body image in a highly aestheticized world.

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