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I want to Sweat, Scream & Cum until I pass out!

Men must think I have some special powers or something because it is unbelievable how many sex questions I get from straight guys wanting to know how to please their lady. In fact it makes me giggle how admirable man are for coming to a lesbian for advice on sex. So this article is in honor of all my straight boys who have inspired and drove me on the quest to attain the most incredible mind altering orgasm!

Because you sweet lads want to make your ladies cum so hard that they pass out I thought it only fair I give the same information out to my wonderful Lesbian women… because after all we are talking about the vagina and Lesbians do love bowing to her grace and beauty (and screams!)

So let’s face it, there are a million if not more articles, books, videos, pretty much any media full of information that give you info on how to have an orgasm… and yet there are still ladies not achieving them and that is just not fair, so here is the low down on the down under.

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The Lesbian One-Hour Orgasm!

One way to start building your sensual side is to become an expert in yourself, learn how your body responds to touch. The book calls this "taking" touch. It will also introduce you to a bunch of sexercises, e.g. phone sex, sexual teasing and peaking to name a few. Very Few women climax through actually intercourse (1 in 3); it happens with far more frequency through manual (hand) masturbation techniques. This is what the book is all about, getting pleasure with your hands and exactly why I thought it would be relevant to Lesbians (but everyone can do this, you are only limited by your imagination!).

The effectiveness of this technique comes from how you set up the environment all the way down to how you are going to touch each other, so there are a few things you will need to get:

1. Music (of course!)

2. Candles- you can go unscented but I love rose, jasmine or ylang ylang because those oils promote love and sensuality.

3. Some delicious food, like fruits, chocolate or even a power bar because if you are going to be having a sex marathon you are going to need some energy!

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How to make Lesbian Friendships

Ever feel at a loss? Are you completely consumed by life demands? At times it feels like we are on a stage and everyone is watching us fail! We have a sense of lose, as if it is within reach but like a toy that’s been taken by the ocean’s current it has slipped away.


Every relationship has left a trace, maybe even jaded our view of life and love to a point where even if perfection was to walk in it would seem impossible to see her! Or maybe even want her. Why want what you can’t have or ever keep.

You go out and every woman looks the same, every woman sounds the same, so familiar on the surface nothing has changed.  We have the same discussion with different faces and hear the same empty promises and speech of lost loves and new beginnings. 

We have become committed to finding a partner so badly that for most of us friendships have been put aside, until that someone comes along. Others of us have been in relationships where being with one another was sufficient and slowly isolated you from the world. Friendship, the unconditional love we have for what once was a stranger is the equivalent to oxygen in a healthy person.

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The Encyclopedia of Erotic Wisdom: Orgasm

I bought a used copy of The Encyclopedia of Erotic Wisdom for ten bucks and since I’m low on the inspiration today here’s their definition of orgasm:

Orgasm (greek, “to swell with wetness”) In everyday language and imagery, the idea of orgasm is all too often associated, even equated with ejaculation. However, ancient and contemporary research shows quite clearly that these two sexual, erotic states are separate. Although they often occur almost simultaneously, especially for men, it is better we disassociate them in our minds and remind ourselves that the succession of arousal states occurs in the following manner in both women and men:

1.swelling (engorgement of genital parts by blood)
2. contractions (muscle events)
3. orgasm (psychosomatic energy event)
4. ejaculation (fluidic and energy event)
5. deflation (drainage of blood, relaxation)

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Communal Sex in Paradise Camp

This continues a series of posts from events and explorations conducted at Burning Man 2009.

Aerial perspective, Black Rock City 2009, looking toward the west. Photo by Eric.

This was all extremely interesting and I knew I was extremely tired.  A bit delirious, in fact.  As dayworld took over, the electric charge of night waned and a pleasant, sleepy feeling warmed over my consciousness.  The desert heats up fast. I looked around at my new friends and, I knew, my new story subjects, and politely excused myself.

“This is the most interesting space on the planet. I feel like I could go anywhere from here.”

Do you know those times when you open your mouth to speak and say whatever – what you didn’t plan to say?  That’s what happened.  I almost laughed, it was so ridiculous.  Nobody seemed to notice, though Lucille smiled.  I glanced up at the woman called Zoya, with her bright yellow shorts and river of blond hair flowing over her back and breasts.  As I did, the word Thresholder came back to me.

I looked at Siobhan, with whom I had spent the night roaming the playa in my dreams and sleeping on a public couch. “Are you walking back?”

“I’ll come back later. It was a lovely journey with you,” she said in her soft Irish accent.  Which melted me, as did the delicately mischievous view from her eyes.  I smiled sweetly and glanced toward Lucille and walked up to her and hugged her compact human frame.  Then Siobhan, embracing her and her scent, grateful infinitely for the presence of these two women in my life.  I bowed to the breakfast camp gathering and slipped out onto a street called DNA, turned toward the playa at 4:30 and a few moments later, slipped into Paradise camp.

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Vibrator Addicted?


Have you ever been afraid of becoming addicted to your vibrator? I have, well I wasn't so much afraid as it has been a thought that has passed through my brain a few times over the years. Especially, when I was younger and much more impressionable. There's a myth out there that states that if a woman becomes accustomed to achieving orgasms with a vibrator, she will no longer be able to orgasm with other kinds of stimulation.

I thought that might have been true, because it was (it is) so much easier for me to come with a little vibration, but I've come to realize that it's just not true. Not in the sense that our sexual organs will become desensitized with use and eventually require more and more intensity. Ok, maybe within the same session, but that's true of any kind of stimulation.

For those of you that have watched Sex and the City, you'll be familiar with the episode in which Charlotte buys The Rabbit (check out the Sex Toys at Babeland) and after using it for the first time and finding battery operated bliss, she pretty much ceases to leave her house. The girls eventually have to stage an intervention to convince Charlotte to let go of her new pet. It was a funny episode and it definitely got the point across: pleasure can be addictive and The Rabbit is one hell of a vibrator, but it's not exactly reality, now is it?

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Female Ejaculation Part 10: Additional Variables

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these, I thought this cold December day was as good a day as any other. I’m only half way through the book Female Ejaculation: Unleash the Ultimate G-Spot Orgasm and this is what the authors: Somraj Pokras and Dr. Jeffre Talltrees, had to say about adding some variables to the four basic strokes I talked about in the last post:

Keep in mind that you should always adjust pressure, speed and pattern when experimenting with these sexual practices.

Additional Variables

1. STOPPING: Yes, that’s right, I said stopping. Why would you want to stop something that feels so good? Well, for one you might be experiencing an intense amount of pleasure and you might want to be able to focus on it as it ripples through your body. It’s also a good technique to keep in mind if you’ve experienced too much too fast and you feel numbed out or in pain from too much pleasure. By the way, stopping doesn’t mean you should pull out, but that you simply discontinue any movement and hold your position before commencing again with the same movement or something different.

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The Plateau

Photo by Eric Francis.

“Does it feel like we’re in a much bigger space than we are?” Siobhan asked.

“Vast space,” I said.

“A plateau,” she whispered.

My consciousness spread across the playa, in all directions over and across the miles of powdery skin, beyond the bounds of our city.

I breathed in and ascended. I exhaled and breathed in again and was lofted to an altitude where I could sense the perspective of the wider landscape. Playa, silent except for the wind, wrapped around many other mountains and reflecting the cosmic fire of the night sky.

There were people, and there were souls. The people were concentrated in our city. The souls did not speak, they only vibrated; like a fountain of energy moving mostly in one direction, which was tumbling. The wordless place, it was called among those in bodies.

“It’s so beautiful here,” I said.

“I understand,” she said lovingly. “I can feel the souls. You can let go of yourself here.”

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Sex in the middle of the night

from Victoria's Sex Blog

It’s funny, at least I think it is… that I write regularly about sexuality yet talking about it can still be so awkward. I went to an artist’s seminar last week and just couldn’t bring myself to explain to the others what exactly I do… I just told them I “draw nudes” and left it at that. But at the art store, where I’ve started working part-time again, people seem to get it. When I describe what I do and why, they seem to recognize the need for it, and they want to know more. Last night my adult children, who are only a year or two into adulthood, were joking around about “the parents” (of which I am one of many if you count their boyfriend and girlfriends’ divorced and reconnected parents too) - and the comment that struck me as I was walking away towards the kitchen – was that the very thought of us “older people” having sex was gross.

I wish I could tell them how much better sex gets as you grow older and get to know yourself better and allow yourself to explore different avenues, which may include new partners, positions, conditions and even “props”. But particularly how much the contact with a lover deepens when you’ve practiced something so special for a long time together. I can’t tell them, and I won’t even try; they will figure that out themselves as they age and mature, each in their own special way.

Something that popped into my mind about this evolution was my vastly different experiences of sex in the middle of the night. First there were those teenage years, waiting for the parents to go out or fall asleep so my first boyfriend and I could desperately grope each other on the couch. And although I was much older, even early on in my relationship with Darren, we stayed up so late making love, sometimes night after night, that I remember dragging myself around like a limp noodle at work, yawning like crazy, and swearing I had to cut back but of course not really planning to… ever! 

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The Orgasm

Women and orgasms haven’t always been synonymous with sex. Tons of studies released have shown that the majority of sexually active women do NOT regularly have an orgasm. This is astonishing to me. How is this possible? Well, first, it’s not necessary in procreation that women have an orgasm. Secondly, one doesn’t achieve an orgasm simply by penetration as many sources contend (romance novels love to portray a woman’s climax from penetration only).

My purpose in writing this post isn’t to instruct in some detached clinical sense, how a women can achieve an orgasm (I mean seriously, buy a vibrator already). I am attempting to refute the recent notion presented in several different articles, that the orgasm isn’t necessary to good sex and that an orgasm is actually unhealthy. I also contend that the notion that sex(the great kind WITHOUT an orgasm) should always lead to a close, long-lasting, heteronormative relationship is harmful to women specifically, as they are encouraged to forgo their own pleasure in lieu of some far-fetched hope for a serious relationship (i.e.- marriage).

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