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days in hospital

I was hospitalized in 2008, I spent 3 weeks there, it was a very tough period, it was like a prison with medicines, after K.S convinced me that I need professional help, I went to the hospital with

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sexuality pains

I have to say I am a little bit conservative, let's say I am sort of open minded and religious in the same time, I fall between cracks .

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Questioning my identity

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Amina Wadud :Meeting a Mentor

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Viva Humans

I am attending a confernce on Women and Work from 7 to 8 March 2010 in Turi

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Nubia: Home Sweet Home

This post is not about women as usual, it is about the right to hous

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Women in Egypt : views and ideas

On Wednesday 17 of February 2010, I attended a talk of my best friend

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Second Thoughts


We just got off the phone with an editor from a local magazine. He is writing a story about us (it's a feature about swingers who teach a class for potential swingers in Chicago).  He wanted to clarify a few things before wrapping it up, and his questions and comments left us strangely unsettled. 

At first it sounded exciting, being featured in a big, important magazine and sharing the basic aspects of our non-monogamous, sex-positive lifestyle.  We felt confident and bold, even agreeing to allow the use of our names and photos. But today, after the phone call, we are less confident.

We talk big, say we don't care about our employers finding out, our neighbors knowing ... but do we? We act confident, even put our photos in our class advertisement ... but are we? Are we as bold and free as we think we are? Or are we just as hypocritical and fearful as the closeted swingers we criticize?

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Confession of a Situational Bisexual

In the swinger scene, bi is the new black.  Approximately 90 percent of women in the lifestyle refer to themselves as bisexual, bi-friendly or bi-curious. And I estimate that 10 percent of those bi-something women are actually lesbians who are married to men, but who swing with other couples in order to play with women. 

My bisexual standing is something of a mystery to me.  I don’t know how to label myself.  While I’ve had many bisexual experiences, I’ve only been turned on by a handful of woman (that very athletic basketball player in college, that beautiful, androgynous sex toy shop owner in Chicago and the amazing sexologist who reminds me of my favorite boss).  Since I’m a swinger, I need to define myself for other potential playmates so, as a willing -- but not bona fide -- bisexual, I label myself “bi-friendly” on my swinger profile. 

One of our early lifestyle experiences showed me just how limited labels can be. When we first joined the lifestyle, Kev and I discovered one of the “lesbian” swingers.  We were inexperienced and anxious to get our feet wet so, when John, the husband, contacted us, he very bluntly told us his wife was “more bi than straight.” In our eagerness, Kev and I heard “My wife is bi, so come on over and join us in the hot tub for sex.”

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