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Looking in the Mirror of Feminism

Simone. Photo by Eric Francis.

After my email exchange with Betty Dodson last night, I went digging through the index of The Whole Woman and looked up masturbation. And I got an eyeful. After reading Betty’s article posted below, I had a feeling that Germaine Greer was not going to be particularly friendly toward a subject that just about everyone loves so well, but I was actually surprised at how hostile she was.

If you look in the index, masturbation is first listed on page 191, and when you get there, the chapter is called “Sex.” The discussion of “sex” begins with an attack on pornography, what she terms the “sex of the millennium.”

Here is what she says.

“Pornography is the sexuality of the information revolution, elaborated to achieve all the staggering impact of which the megamedia are capable, projecting the images of the best known sex objects as far as distant planets in galaxies unknown.”

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A sort of homecoming

Essex ferry across Lake Champlain to Burlington, Vermont, May 2009. Photo by Eric Francis.

I began the life I am living in 1983, when I left a summer job that August at age 19. I got in my car in Silver Bay, NY on Lake George, ready for the long drive to Buffalo. Without knowing quite how, I had resolved to take over student politics and publishing. This was perhaps a bit ambitious given that it’s the largest public university in New York State, but I felt a calling. That was at the beginning of my junior year, a very good year when I lived in Goodyear Hall.

My girlfriend that summer was Mary Liz Austin, who was also an ‘emp’ at Silver Bay Association, an old Christian conference center. As I got in my car to drive off, she said, “I hope you find God soon.”

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Chantelle Austin - Bisexuality

I recently found someone through twitter, named Chantelle Austin.  She is active in the swing lifestyle, with her own website and social media like Facebook.  She will be a guest speaker at later this year.

Today, she sent me this video on her experiences with bisexuality.  I enjoyed her personal experience as related by her own words.

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