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Photo Competition: 'My World: Visions of 21st Century Feminism'

In the framework of its 20th anniversary celebrations, the European Women’s Lobby is pleased to announce the launch of a photo competition looking to expose the visions of young women of the world they live in. The competition seeks images that make a creative and powerful statement on the theme of ‘21st Century Feminism’. Send your photos before 30 June 2010 to


Download the poster announcing the competition in English or French.


The criteria and rules of entry are currently available in Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, German, GreekItalianLatvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene and Swedish.


‘My world: Visions of 21st Century Feminism’

Photo competition

Criteria & Rules of entry

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Bodies and Souls: The Century Project

Frank Cordelle had an idea. He took nude photographs of women whose ages spanned over a century. The first picture is of the head of a baby girl crowning through her mother’s vagina. Not quite making it to a hundred, the last picture is of a 94-year-old woman whose photograph is accompanied by the following message:

I posed so some old lady will not fear age, and some old men would know old women are not so strange. I loved the challenge of posing nude, such excitement! My husband would have said, “Some picture, kid!”

Most of the pictures are in fact accompanied by a message written by the women themselves and although I did not read the entire book, I did take a look at the excerpts on Frank’s website and let me tell you they are heartbreaking, but in a good way. My eyes literally welled up with tears. As did my neighbors eyes when I told her about the project and the stories these brave women have shared.

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Call for Models: Facial Piercings & Body Mods

I found this call for models over at BME Modblog.  It looks like a great project.  If you are interested, please get in touch using the info below. - a


I’m looking for some assistance in finding people with excessive facial piercings and those who have had body modification.

Mark Seliger, is releasing a book this year made up of his personal work of nudes, landscapes, still lifes and portraits.   Many of the portraits he has taken are of people with excessive facial piercings or have had body modification.   I have attached some references of those we have already shot.

We often travel for work so if you know of people around the country, please do send any and all suggestions our way.
Compensation is $200 (negotiable) plus a print from the shoot.

Mark Seliger Photography | 162 Charles Street | New York, NY 10014
T 212.929.7550×218 | F 212/929.4215 | C 617/512.2968 |

Here are a few samples of the photographer’s work:

2009-063-b-01_watermark 2009-111-a1_1awm 2009-111-h15_2awm

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To do an erotic photo shoot or not

Oh the dilemma, well not really. The decision was easy in the end but can't tell you what it was just yet, where is the fun and suspense in that?

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