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Gov. Ed Rendell: "Non-Serious" Shows Like The View Are "Not Worthy of the Presidency"

More unnecessary and annoying outrage from the left  over President Obama's upcoming seat on The View's panel on Thursday.

One leading Democrat Ed Rendell, the Governor of Pennsylvania had quite a bit to say about Obama going on The View.

On why the President should not go on The View:

 the talk show did not have the required stature to host the president

On why the show isn't worthy of the President's status:

I think the president of the United States has to go on serious shows

For anyone wondering what exactly The View is, I'll run down the basics.  It is a show featuring an all-female panel targeted towards women.  The issues discussed range from politics, to current events, and the economy.  Most importantly however, is the show garners an enormous audience, most of which are women.

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Fundamentalist Christians & Your Porn

(Originally published on http://gaywarfare.blogspot.com/)

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Puppet Electorate

Something is still really wrong with our democracy in South Africa. The poorest of the poor are still intimidated into voting for particular parties - being told that their homes will be burned to the ground if they do not vote a particular way - little realizing that their ballots are secret. They believe this, and so the vote generally does go a certain way.

Intimidation is as much a part of a real democracy as is an ignorant voter - not at all.

I think our country is very young in terms of understanding democracy as a concept. I think the broader populace, having been oppressed so long, have only the idea that democracy meant them being in charge, being able to just make decisions for others and rolling over them regardless of what they have to say about it. The concept of a Constitution just means a set of guidelines that can be changed to suit them whenever they are found to be inconvenient. I think they have confused the idea of democracy with mob-rule, and if you look at the internal politics of their tripartite alliance, that is exactly what you will see in play.
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Dear Robert Mugabe

(Originally published on http://www.gaywarfare.blogspot.com/)
On Fri
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Chinese Women Activists on the Forefront of Human Rights Movement

By Gordon Ross [IPS]

BEIJING, May 12, 2010 (IPS) - Thirteen years ago a local official in north-east China’s Heilongjiang province tried to extort money from a woman named Liu Jie, who operated a successful cow farm.

Liu protested at local courts, to no avail. In retaliation, the official destroyed her farm and stole her cows. She took her case to Beijing, where instead of receiving justice, she was detained and beaten.

In all, Liu, who is now 58, lost millions of renminbi, was detained secretly in Heilongjiang and beaten several times. But the chain of events set her on a path that would change her life – in the years following she has become a leading advocate of petitioners’ rights in China.

According to China Human Rights Defenders (CHRD), a non-profit, non- political network of grassroots activists, the contribution of women like Liu to China’s human rights movement is often overlooked in the international media. In fact, said CHRD, there are many women at the forefront of China’s grassroots human rights movement working in various capacities to defend rights.

"A lot of the women are grassroots activists… they do a lot of work on the ground, at the grassroots level, and they are much better known within their own circle than at the international level," Wang Songlian, research coordinator for CHRD, tells IPS.

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Driftglass & BlueGal podcast with special guest...me!

This week, I had the extreme pleasure to be a guest on the weekly podcast of political bloggers BlueGalDriftglass.  If you haven't heard this wonderful series, then you are in for a treat.  BG & DG are not only smart, savvy bloggers but they are fun people.  In addition to their own individual sites and the others that they participate at, they have a site devoted solely to hosting their podcast series - dgbgpodcast.blogspot.com.

The intended topic was: Republicans and Sex.  We ended up all over the place in the half-hour show that we somehow turned into a 74 minute blab-fest.  Along the way, we covered the old standards of pedophile priests, kinky hypocrite fundraising and how some people embrace the unknown while others vilify it and try to pretend it's not there.

If you want to hear the podcast, there are two versions.  The edited, 30 minute time slot version and the unedited, full monty are both available.  Both of them are available at their podcast blog.  They have an email address that goes to both of them: dgbgpodcast@gmail.com.

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Pope Benny, Gays in Uganda, Rocket Ships

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    I Have A Dream

    Today is one of remembrance and respect, a day for recalling those who have gone before us in the civil rights movement and a reminder of what still must be done. New challenges arise every day that have changed the context of equal rights, but the message Dr. King gave all those years ago remains relevant and inspiring, even to the most down trodden. The fervor of the equal rights movement of my parent's generation no longer remains, but the spirit and message does.

    Dr. King's "I have a dream" speech is arguably one of America's most recognized and well known speeches, delivered by a courageous pastor, during a time of great political and social turmoil; a time when hope and dreams where all there was to sustain. With neither an air of finality nor attitude of defeat, the pragmatic yet wistful preacher who delivered these words still provides inspiration and way to live to all those who dared to believe one day America would be equal.

    Martin Luther King "I Have a Dream" - Watch today’s top amazing videos here

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    When Young Women Don't Vote For Women

    A little long, but a worthy read

    This is a clearly biased investigation into why young women, many first time voters, aren't voting for women representatives in American politics.  Light on solutions and heavy on anti-feminist themes, the Washington Post goes in depth; why aren’t our young women voting for women?

    Clinton, the former first lady and one of the most famous women in the world, had spent all of 2007 as the overwhelming front-runner, leading in all the national polls and raising huge amounts of cash.  She looked like the inevitable nominee, and her effortless climb reinforced what young women thought they knew: Pretty much every battle of the sexes had already been waged and won.  Raised in a world where women made up more than half of all undergraduates on college campuses and half of the students in all law and medical schools, where discrimination was illegal, where nearly half the work force was female and their mothers had been free to work -- or not -- younger women were not drawn to Clinton by any sense of history, and they recoiled at being told they should be.  Feminism had long ago been declared dead, then rendered meaningless.

    You hear that?!  Women only vote for women if they are feminists and feminism is DEAD!



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    Sen. Hatch Gets Abstinence-Only Funding Into Health Reform Bill

    Sen. Hatch Gets Abstinence-Only Funding Into Health Reform Bill

    Even though Republicans and Lieberman have attempted to delay and detract the [insurance Christmas present] healthcare reform for months, they knew all along a bill would pass.  That's why they "oppose" the bill, but add in little bits and pieces to campaign on, when necessary.

    Pro-Life, anti-Woman?  Check.

    Oppose Bill and higher "national Debt"?  Check.

    Call against Socialism?  Check.

    Secure Funding for Pro-Christian Abstinence Only programs?  Check.

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