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Botswana: Political Women Urged to Use the Media

From Mmegi Online, news of women abandoning their previous model of seeking change through their political parties.  They are going directly to the media for attention to their issues. 

Ndingililo Gaoswediwe

Francistown — Women in politics were on Friday urged to focus on issues at hand instead of concentrating on their political parties.

Pamela Dube-Kelepang said this during a workshop that was held at Tati River Lodge aimed at exploring advantages that the media has on politics.

Dube-Kelepeng said women are undermined because they have a tendency of shying away from issues that are to be addressed.

"Lets' give politics a try. Let them reject us. Let them write about us. Politics is a dirty game," she said.

She cited an example by Keabonye Ntsabane, who is fighting for women's rights in politics though she is not active in politics.

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Why Is Bristol Palin's Sex Life My Business?

I know everyone is sick of reading about Bristol Palin and frankly so am I. (Especially when the latest news is over whether Todd Palin offered Bristol a new car in exchange for dumping Levi). But yet, here I am, writing about her yet again. Honestly, the ESC kind of loves Bristol - or at least, we love the Bristol that we think is in there somewhere, behind the PR-clutches of Sarah Palin and Co.

We love the Bristol who said that abstinence is "not realistic at all" much more than the Bristol who claimed the quote about abstinence being unrealistic was taken out of context. Because really, what other context can you take it in? She was quoted referring to abstinence as "the harder choice, but it's the safest choice". Yeah and it's totally realistic to expect teenagers to go for the harder choice.

No one is suggesting that abstinence doesn't work to prevent teen pregnancy. If you don't have sex - you won't get pregnant. It works pretty damn well. What doesn't always work is the getting teenagers to practice abstinence part. It is unrealistic for most teenagers and that is why abstinence-only education is such a huge failure. Not because using contraception is somehow safer than not having sex, but because it is way safer than having unprotected sex.

And take it from Bristol, because she knows.

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Kay Bailey Hutchison Is A Whore

At least, that's what one Republican adviser seems to think. The comment came in an article about Senator Hutchison's upcoming challenge to current Texas Governor Rick Perry in next year's gubernatorial primary. Hutchison and Perry are both Republicans, but our girl Kay is apparently one of those moderate Republicans that the right-wingers hate so much. Since Texas is Republican-dominated and the primaries tend to draw lots of Christian conservatives and others who are pretty far right, Hutchison is trying to improve her chances by emphasizing economic rather than social issues and going for the more centrist 'big tent' thing to increase turnout and bring in some new voters. Like a big old whore.

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Politics with a small 'p' as in 'personal'

(I have been neglecting my first blog, The National Gadfly for the last month.  The effort to launch and configure sexgenderbody had consumed my pea-brain.  Tonight, I posted my thoughts on why and how I distinguish the politics of the individual and those of society.  Cross posted here, by me with love for you.)

(Image courtesy of digado)

As many of you may already know, I have recently launched a community, collaborative blog: sexgenderbody.com.  In the last couple months, my content here had become a bit too higgledy-piggledy even for myself.  I found that I had a great deal to say on personal politics, the politics of self-definition.  This is not a conflict with the conversations I have been having here in the realm of Politics with a capital P, the politics of institutions and society at large or simply - groups.

Politics with a P are the more commonplace discussions that we all know and 'love': conservative vs. liberal, right-wing vs. left-wing, labor vs. management, class vs. class, race vs. race and so on.  Inside the myriad of daily Politic-speak are notions of the rights of the individual.  The terms of these conversations are subtly couched in a model where governments and institutions are defining the individual.  Rights, protections, entitlements, values, uses, and many other terms that all serve to reinforce the model that the individual exists in terms given by the society, or Political party affiliation.  A person's rights as given by the Constitution, a Political affiliation or membership in a religious sect.

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