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Polygamy as Prohibited by the Criminal Code of Canada

Xtra published an excellent article in October of last year on

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    To the straight mind

    It is bizarre to me that a mode of action as obvious as doing what one feels (biologically, psychologically, logically) is, for the majority of persons, unt

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    Clearly Ambiguous

    By Millie Jackson

    Upon a foundation of honesty, mutual respect and consensuality, polyamory offers freedom to structure relationships based on the unique needs, desires and circumstances of those involved.  Given its complexity and diversity, you might ask:  “How, then, do polyamorists agree on the definition of polyamory?”  The answer is:  “We don’t.”

    Some people, especially non-polyamorists, see polyamory more broadly as an umbrella term for non-monogamy that includes relationship structures such as polygamy and swinging.  Other people see polyamory as a subcategory of non-monogamy, with some overlap with other relationship structures depending on the intent of those relationships.

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    Slippery-Slope Poly Marriage? Some Realities

    Let the weirdos have gay marriage, and next they'll want poly threesome marriages, and next they'll be marrying goats...

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    Where does a relationship go after swinging?

    The other day it hit me, at what point does the relationship change from a "swinging" one, to something else? and at what is the something else?

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