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You, The People

One thing I learned from history is that when you want to isolate and persecute any community, country or group - the first thing you do is to remove the thinkers, leaders and strong-willed from that group. Without them, the rest of the sheep will swallow just about anything the government spoons into the funnel called the media. Stalin did it, Hitler did it, Mugabe has done it - and if the ANC has its way, history will simply have repeated itself.

The proposed new law to control the media and introduce censorship and restrictions by the government has been described as a significant step backwards for South Africa on the downward spiral to becoming like its corrupt and impoverished neighbor, Zimbabwe.

You have to give them their due - at least the ANC seems to have paid attention to how the Apartheid regime and more recently, Robert Mugabe, has got clear away with corruption and oppression for decades – by controlling the Media and the information which is disseminated to the masses - and which travels outside the borders of his domain. If the ANC can convince the masses that its actions, no matter how flawed and ill conceived they may be, are justifiable - then like the Apartheid government, they can also indulge in murder and continue to deprive those less fortunate; continue to fail to deliver on empty election promises, dispose of those who go against their leadership, and all this with the approval of South African citizens and other global communities, whom the government will ensure will not know the whole story.
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