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Why I Can No Longer Support Current HealthCare Reform Legislation

Reading through my blog archives, any reader will infer that I am a major proponent of healthcare reform legislation. Not only have I spoken out in support of a strong and robust public option, I have trashed any Senator/House Representatives who fail to put the American public’s health as priority; whether in siding with insurance companies, drug companies and various other industry special interests or being a Republican/NeoCon.

As an insider, I have a special perspective on this issue, one which has enabled me to know personally the financial predicament of the insured, mostly caused by run-away insurance costs and steadily diminishing coverage. I know, first hand, how truly fucked up this country’s insurance system really is. With this in mind, I have donated to, written about, volunteered for and re-tweeted countless pro-reform causes because I know how important this is. It is safe to say I have proven myself to be one of healthcare reform’s most ardent and devoted supporters.

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My heart hurts. Never before have I felt so betrayed. I have been deeply involved with getting health reform passed. As a volunteer, donor and blogger, I feel I have invested a substantial amount of time and energy on this very important issue. I believe all humans have equal rights and deserve fair and equal healthcare at an affordable cost. I believe the rising costs of healthcare are damaging our economy so quickly that if something isn't done immediately the repercussions could be far reaching. When the United States House of Representatives passed the landmark legislation, I rejoiced, and then I read this:

Pro-choice lawmakers and organization leaders are firing back after the House passed its landmark health care reform legislation late Saturday night. The bill included what's known as the Stupak-Pitts amendment, language offered by Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) and Joe Pitts (R-Penn.) that prohibits federal funds from being used for abortion services in any health exchange be it public or private

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