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Perversion for Profit (1965)

(h/t Gloria Brame)

You can't make this crap up...

"This moral decay weakens our resistance to the onslaught of the communist masters of deceit."—George Putnam, narrator.

This film, Perversion for Profit was made in 1965 as a sexist, misogynist, moralistic, religious intolerant diatribe blaming and shaming sex, porn and people of "loose morals". 

This is the same kind of crap that we hear today from the same corners of society, the world over.  Interestingly, it was financed by Charles Keating - yes that Charles Keating.  It's neither amazing nor ironic that individuals guilty of massive fraud have no problem with the morality of bankrupting a nation to line their pockets - but at the same time are up in arms that people want to fuck each other and enjoy themselves in the process. 

If I need morality advice, the very last person I'll look to is some wealthy cracker talking about Jesus while supporting the death penalty, runaway military spending, unregulated banking and the bribery of public officials. 

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Gun Crime And The Scourge Of Pink Dinosaurs

Last night I read a news article on Pinknews about some bright spark who has claimed in a press release that there is a direct link between the gay rights movement and gun crime.

Gay rights are responsible for gun crime?
Apparently this man, a certain Robert Peters - called a "morality campaigner" - is the president of Morality in Media, an organization founded in the early 1960's to "combat pornography". Apparently in its latest crusades it has tried to ban "Cosmopolitan" magazine from store shelves and started (yet another) frivilous 'wear-a-ribbon-for...' campaign against pornography. I'm sorry, but that is just sooo nineties. If this keeps up, bored conservative housewives will have different ribbons for every day of the week.
My, my - what a worthwhile calling, truly noble. Save the endangered "Moral-osaurus", people - it is dying out! Where can I buy a ticket? I want to watch. Get real, folks.

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The Utter Devilry of Sex Will Destroy Your Kids (Right?)

I am, to a certain degree, a street kid. My friends and I were not kids whose parents forced into little leagues, and we never had much interest in that stuff anyway. We ran the streets.

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Conservatives Are Trying To Take Over The World

Once in a while, on the Internet, you come across something that makes your skin crawl and automatically engages your gag reflex, and no I'm not talking about videos like "Two Girls One Cup". 

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Porn Industry HIV Scare: DEBUNKED

The recent announcement that a female porn star had tested positive for HIV has led to the usual crowing from opponents of pornography.  Whether these critics be in the religious or philosophical circles of moral disapproval or whether they are in the 'law & order' fearmongers, they paint the standard campaign of disinformation, vilification, lies about the state of the industry and its effects on society and flat-out negation of the viewpoints of the actual people in the porn industry.  These campaigns traditionally use the myth of porn as evil and victim-maker to gin up the morality base and either line their own pockets with donations or garner votes for their alleged ability to rescue us all from these wicked times.

Ernest Greene has been in the Adult Entertianment industry for a while now.  He currently serves as Board Chairman for Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation (AIM).  He has taken the time to post a fact-based and honest response to the disinformation and misrepresentation campaigns that we are hearing now.

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