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Original Plumbing Open Call for Issue 2 : the HAIR issue

Share your story with ORIGINAL PLUMBING magazine:

Original Plumbing is currently accepting writing submissions for Issue 2, The Hair Issue, due out in Winter 2009/10.
For The Hair Issue we would like a range of stories and articles that revolve around HAIR from a trans male perspective. Anything from hair loss, unexpected hair growth in odd places, hairy bellies, hairy chests (pre and post operative), hair-line recessions, stories from your first trip to the barber, what your long hair means to you, excessive hair and the way it has effected the relationship you have with your partner or with yourself, stories of shaving mis-haps, tales of an early transition where each new body hair is counted and documented with anticipation and excitement, the history of your specific hair style... the list goes on.

To pitch us a personal narrative, fictional piece, editorial or product review related to hair from a trans masculine perspective, please send your pitch idea or submission to

Finished pieces should be 700 words or less.
Please include a short bio with your submission and your contact information.

The deadline for this writing call is December 1st.

Please note that we can not currently pay contributors for their work. As a community-based magazine that is designed to feature and create visibility for trans guys by trans guys, this project is completely a labor of love. Everyone involved is volunteer-based. All authors will retain full ownership of their work if it is published.

Amos Mac

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Call For Submissions
Kate Bornstein & S Bear Bergman, eds

Deadline: 1 September 2009

In the fifteen years since the release of Gender Outlaw, transgender narratives have made their way into cultural locations from the margins to the mainstream and back again. Today’s trannies and other sex/gender radicals are writing a radically new world into being. GENDER OUTLAWS: THE NEXT GENERATION (Seal Press) will collect and contextualize the work of this generation’s most forward-thinking trans/genderqueer voices—new voices from the stage, on the streets, in the workplace, in the bedroom, and on the pages and websites of the world’s most respected mainstream news sources. Edited by that ol’ original Gender Outlaw herself, Kate Bornstein and writer, raconteur, and theater artist S. Bear Bergman, GENDER OUTLAWS: THE NEXT GENERATION will include essays, commentary, comic art and conversation from a diverse a group of trans-spectrum people who live and believe in barrier-breaking lives.

*What we’re looking for*

GENDER OUTLAWS: THE NEXT GENERATION wants to collect work that represents a quantum leap forward in thinking and talking about gender and the gender binary, in the same way Gender Outlaw did almost twenty years ago. So blow us away. Bring the smart, bring the sexy, blind us with science, break the gender barrier, shine a bright light (or a disco ball) on the whole gender situation. Tell us about your future, what you imagine, how you want things to go and what you (and your friends) intend to do about it. Think big.

We’ll look at whatever you have for us – essays, graphic art, interviews/conversations, haiku, rants – as long as you’re thinking smart and fresh about sex and gender (and being an outlaw, of course).

People of any identity are encouraged to submit work. This means you – yes, you!

We intend to privilege non-normatively gendered/sexed voices in the book but will include all the good stuff we can, regardless of current identifiers of the author.

*The Details*

Deadline: Sept 1 (early submissions are encouraged). Submissions should be unpublished; query if you have a reprint that you think we’ll swoon for. While we hesitate to list a maximum, please query first for pieces over 4,000 words. If you have an idea and need help writing it out, contact us to discuss an interview-style piece or other accommodations.

Submit as a Word document or black/white JPEG (no files over 2MB).

Please include a cover letter with a brief bio and full contact information (mailing address, phone number, pseudonym if appropriate) when you submit.

Submissions without complete contact information will be deleted unread.

Payment will be $50 and 2 copies of the book upon publication in Fall 2010.

Contributors retain the rights to their pieces.

Send your submission as an attachment to

~please forward/repost lots and lots, as appropriate~

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