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We Need to Talk About Bumming

We need to talk about bumming. A discussion about anal sex, sexual identity, gender, loss and poetry. 

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New Support Blog For Sexual Partners of Asexuals

This announcement over at Apositive.org came out, highlighting a new site for those in relationship with someone identifying as asexual.  Looks interesting and I hope it takes off.  There are probably a great deal of folks that can identify with this. -a

Well, I've finally done it! Looking around the Internet last week, I could find absolutely no support organizations for sexuals in long-term relationships with asexuals. So, I started one! I launched the site on March 12, 2010. The web site can be found at: http://www.spasupport.org.

"Sexual Partners of Asexuals" may sound like an oxymoron. This phrase refers to individuals who would consider themselves to be "sexual," yet find theselves in a long-term relationship with an "asexual." Such relationships can be highly problematic, resulting in tremendous stress, frustration, and hardship for both the sexual and the asexual partner. Given that there are numerous support organizations for asexuals, the spasupport organization is dedicated to providing support to the sexual partner within a sexual-asexual relationship.

This is done in a context that recognizes asexuality as a sexual orientation, and in an environment that provides both sexuals and asexuals dignity and respect.

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“Femme Means Attack” Call for Submissions

[From Anarchafemme]

“Femme Means Attack” call for submissions:

“Femme Means Attack” is a collaborative zine of submissions by people who identify as femme and as radical, anarchist, and/or anti-authoritarian.  Femmes are often seen as non-radical or counterrevolutionary in many radical communities, despite the fact that we can take to the streets just as well as anyone else, in heels or steel-toed boots, and are FIERCE while doing it.  As radical femmes, we often find ourselves alienated from mainstream femme discourse that focuses on standards of femme/femininity which are white, homonormative, aspire to be bourgeoisie, and rely on conspicious consumption.  Thus, we radical femmes often find ourselves alienated from both our radical communities and femme communities.

“Femme Means Attack” aims to change that by giving us, radical femmes, a voice.  We welcome submissions from femmes of all genders, trans and cis, binary gendered and genderqueer, of all races, socioeconomic backgrounds, both urban and rural, of all dis/ability statuses, etc.  While submissions should touch on both femme identity and radical politics/communities, we leave it up to each contributor to determine what that looks like.  We welcome all types of submissions – essays, personal accounts, poetry, artwork, etc.

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To the straight mind

It is bizarre to me that a mode of action as obvious as doing what one feels (biologically, psychologically, logically) is, for the majority of persons, unt

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Queering Enlightenment

'To claim this is what I am is to suggest a provisional totalization of the 'I'.

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Trans/Giving's 6 Year Birthday Bash

Trans/Giving's Sixth Year Birthday Bash- Trans & Gender Queer Bands & Musicians


Saturday, November 21, 2009 6:00 PM


Join our beautiful and talented Trans/Giving community to celebrate six years of bringing you the best of transgender, gender queer and intersex artists in Los Angeles and the country!

Let us come together for one giant fabulous party!

Live musicicians, bands and DJ Nova Jade spinning an awesome set!

Alex Davis

Jara Matthews


DJ Nova Jade

Shitting Glitter

* Hooping Performances by Movers and Shakers
* Chair massage and healing by Pati Garcia (aka the Chula Doula)
* Zines/Chapbooks for sale
* Original Artwork For Sale
* CD's and Band Merchandise For Sale
* Screen Printed Apparel by Chinchilla
* Sex Toys by Cucci
* A raffle with prizes from Chinchilla, Cucci, Pati Garcia and other amazing prizes!

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Coming out: My story

Cross posted from www.sexetcetc.blogspot.com

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Ma Vie En Rose

"Ma Vie en Rose" ("My Life In Pink") is the story of Ludovic, a little girl born in a little boy's body. For this child, nothing is more natural than to change gender. A hopeful and sensitive child, who truly believes that a miracle is going to happen.  Confident of becoming a girl with no doubts and in love with Jerome, a school mate, and son of the father's colleague.

Initially a source of amusement, an outrage begins in their suburb when the two children are discovered pretending to get married. The family begins to realize with horror that this desire to be a girl isn't just a little boy's fantasy. They try to make him change his mind, to no avail. The situation turns into a real-life drama of intense reactions from neighbors, friends, and teachers, resulting in a profoundly optimistic ending.

"Ma Vie en Rose" is the first feature from Belgian director Alain Berliner.

(h/t to Rory)

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Be a Pen-Pal to a Trans/Queer Prisoner!

Gender JUST received a stack of letters from trans/queer prisoners seeking pen-pals with other trans/queer folk on the outside. Contact GenderJUST@gmail.com if you're interested in taking one of these letters and corresponding!

Trans/Queer folk, particularly those of color, and disproportionately targeted by the Prison-Industrial-Complex.

A SFDPH study found that 2/3 of transwomen have been incarcerated and more than 30 percent had been incarcerated during the last 12 months! This is because of the way that our society criminalizes gender and profits from incarceration.

Becoming a pen-pal can give a person in prison vital emotional support, help prisoners be less vulnerable to violence, and assist in building networks and resources for release. Time commitment is whatever you want it to be – writing one letter a month, which can take as little as half and hour, would be great.

Contact GenderJUST@gmail.com for more info and/or to start corresponding with a trans/queer person in prison!
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