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Sex-positive documentary report #9: “The Aggressives”


Originally written on June 9

We're settling into a smaller audience at my sex-positive documentary film series -- I think it's possible that July 28 (which I have mentally dubbed "porn night") will draw the same kind of standing-room-only audiences we had at some of the earlier screenings, but I'm guessing that we'll otherwise continue to have smallish audiences (15-30 people). This doesn't particularly worry me; I somewhat expected it, in fact. The early films I scheduled for the series are both difficult to find information about -- few mainstream venues screen documentaries about BDSM! -- and quite accessible in tone. That is, early Sex+++ documentaries were more along the lines of introductory or "101", while the films I've scheduled later tend to be about more complicated or esoteric topics.

For instance, "The Aggressives" is about a specific lesbian subculture ....

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